Tuesday, December 11, 2007

And heaven and nature sing....

So I have just been doing lyrics to Christmas songs for my titles lol! Thought it to be festive. I have some scrappyness to share. I feel like the things that i had been doing lately were crap. I think it was doing that old paper challenge. I felt like it set me back a few yrs lol! But i feel better now. These are ok.

Inspired by Lindsay. I love love love her ornaments and this one is not as good as hers but oh well lol!

My hubby's family in 1975. He is the cute lil chubby Mexican boy on the left with the fro. LOL! He is soo adorable. I pulled his grandmothers dress colors and the orange that seems to go with these old photos.

My daughter Aria getting into her daddy's shave cream! This was also for the olw challenge but didn't get it done in time as i told ya before. It is also a scraplift that i am hosting over at Scrapperie.

And a star Santa ornament. Love glass glitter.

Was wondering what you have your heater set at? Mine is at 65 at night and then sometimes during the day I turn it up a little like to 68. The other day it was 54 in my house! I thought I was going to turn into a popsicle. So just wondering what the consensus is on this. :)

Oh and today is my daughter actual Birthday! She just turned 12! Yikes that makes me feel so old lol! I'm only 30! Ok so when I say only I'm just trying to make myself feel better. I hate that age! But 31 is fast approaching.

Holly turned 30...How was it Holly? Happy belated birthday my friend!!! So this is for you Holly!

But does that mean I missed cake and ice cream? Happy Belated Birthday

With big hugs and kisses!

Hehehe! Happy day everyone!


scrapbook911 said...

Ok...where do I start? Your ornaments are adorable!! The bird one is my favorite! Your layouts are incredible!! I just love what you've been doing lately.

Happy Birthday to your DD...She's almost out of the tweens!

Happy Belated Birthday to Holly (thanks for the reminder).

Michelle said...

he he...love your scrappy stuff, Marie! That first ornament is my fave!! and happy birthday to your daughter, too! =)

Darlene said...

I love love love the ornament! Glad to see you've gotten your groove back, girl!

Oh and heat?! what's that? our leaves are just now turning color. :( I wish it were cooler, but oh well.

Anonymous said...

BEAUTIFUL projects again! Love your Xmas decorations!


Jessica said...

we don't have a heater OR an AC. well, we have radiators in every room. and we have a ceiling fan in the living room...does that count as an AC?

it has been pretty cold here, like in the 30's. our building is built tough though. sometimes i have to open a window because it gets warm inside! it's not like the radiators get really hot. think hot like, "oops, i left my coffee sitting out for 15 minutes" kind of hot. LOL.

happy birthday (and belated) to the kiddies!

Colleen said...

Wow! LOVE the ornaments you're rockin' these layouts! Happy Birthday to your daughter too!

Kristi said...

I super love your ornaments!

*Paint & Ink Chick* said...

U betta shut up girlie, All your stuff Blows me away!!Lub'n the ornament!! And you just made my day, I see I'm a rad blogger;) and yep ya tagged me right Crazy!!!!

Michelle said...

I adore those ornaments you made. They are beautiful! I like that you went with non traditional Christmas colors for that old photo of your husband and his family. Well done! Aria is so cute! Love that note worthy line. You did a beautiful job with it.

It got down to 36* two nights ago. I wasn't stupid enough to go back out to find out how cold it got last night... We've got nearly the same settings that you do. I miss the fact that we don't have a heater at the Christmas store.

Vee said...

love love your ornaments!!

Crystal said...

aww couisn I love your pages, as always. The cute little ornaments rock. Gives me Ideas tho I doubt Ill ever get around to doing anything. Love you lots n lots cousin :)

dori.aleman.medina said...