Friday, February 15, 2008

I like you better framed and dried...

Well Blah! I feel like doo doo. This cold has got a Strong hold on me and I just don't wanna blog or do much of anything. My kids are sick and they seem to just keep getting it over and over. Grrr! Yesterday I went and got my hair did. I went back to black. Ill have pics soon. I really really need to get ready for Kerry Lynn's class tmw! AGH! I'm meeting up with MJ! YIPEE!!! She is soo cool I cant wait to see her. Also found out the scrap for a cure girls are gonna be there! Woot! So I have a new outfit and a new hairdo so I wont feel quite so ugly lmao!

I see so many posts about cha and I have to confess Im so jealous! I wish I coulda went! Booowhooo! Ah well maybe next year.

So how was ur Valentines? Well as i stated before I went and got my hair did and then came home gave the kids their Valentines and hubby his card. He gave me a beautiful card and cute soft bear with some candies in it. We actually bought each others presents a few weeks ago. We shared some yummy See's (since we arent going to be able to eat it anymore). We usually hand pick each other a box but this year we went together and just got one box. YUM! My gift was Harry potter (video game) his was a video game he had wanted...Fun!

We went to target and oh my goodness! They have my camera. I told them that they could keep it on display for everyone to see but someday I was going to pick it up lol (ok i didnt really)! It was only 549.99 I mean wow! I dont care if it isnt the latest and greatest one (Cannon Rebel) I want it! I also wanted a Jack White Holga but looks like that ain't gonna happen. My birthday is only a month away sooooo maybe the cannon? LMAO! I wont hold my breath.

I did manage to do some scrappin soo here is that...

My son aeden.

My sister Tiff.

This was for the scrapjacked...My son Aeden again.

My cute grandma. Love her to bits.

My cousin and me! Hehehe love this pic.

Some Valentines Day cards I whiped up right quick.

They arent the best but they worked lol!

I think hubby and I are going to go to the movies today and see Juno and then go out to eat. Hope you all had a wonderful Valentines day! xoxox

P.s. I cant post links or spell check. BOOO! Anyone else having this plm?


Anonymous said...

I'm so in love with the Jack White Holga.... would really love to be able to afford that...
but not right now at least!

enjoy Juno, I hear it's wonderful!

RachelDenbow said...

These LO's and cards are RAD!
I used to be jealous of other people going to CHA. It feels like its all a big party that you're not allowed to go to but really its a lot of lugging around heavy catalogs and fighting the crowds and dealing with insecurities and hoping someone you recognize from online also recognizes you, etc. It is true that you get to see all the new stuff but other than fighting for a spot at the crowded make and take booths, you can't do anything with the new stuff except get really excited to use it.
It is fun to see friends but its really a lot of work to be there, too.
That said, its going to ensure that our kits are even better than they've ever been!
I hope everyone feels better soon at your house. I'm sure you'll have a great time at Kerri Lynn's class.

Shannon said...

-yay Juno!! I LOVED it! go see, go see!
-Have fun at your class!
-Stunning LO's, as usual
-Valentine's you whipped up right quick? you're insane, it woulda taken me 3 weeks to do those. gorgeous darling!
-my valentines sucked. John was at class all night so i ate taco bell and watched survivor. on 2nd thought, that doesnt sound so bad after all. hehehe i <3 chalupas!

scrappermimi said...

I just LOVE everyone of these LO's! Thanks for sharing!

Melissa Mann said...

Wow!! Look at all the scrappy goodness!! beautiful stuff, lady!

Love those cards too - especially the one with the deer on it! So cute!

Have a good weekend!

Michelle said...

..oooh, your V-day sounds like it was great...and Juno,'s great for sure if you're seeing that!! yay! =) And I am also super-jealous of the CHA-goers...he he...=) have fun at the class! And all of your pages are gorgeous =) love em!

Michelle said...

Sorry to hear you are sick. I'm looking forward to meeting you today!

Crystal said...

aww cousin Im sorry you are sick :( Its even worse when the kidlets are sick. I love the page you did of Grandma. I alos love your cards. I made one for my hubby that matched my you + me page

Darlene said...

hope your household is getting over the funk! Loving the LOs as usual - especially your gma one - beautiful!

Edleen said...

love all your layouts!!! and your cards are just so lovely :)

did you enjoy Juno? my daughter and i did :)

have a fun week ahead!

Micayla said...

Looks like you have been busy considering you dont feel fab! Look at all that eye candy girl................I feel all inspired to get off my lazy butt and scrap!
Here's to hoping that the camera makes an appearence on ya B-Day girl!
Have a good weekend xx

Holly said...

Lovin' all those pretty scrappies! Those pics of your sister are so pretty! That, and LO with your cousin are my faves! Yay for See's candy! I haven't had See's in ages! You're making me crave some! :0)