Sunday, April 27, 2008

Do they play guitar in a latin bar??

How has your weekend been?? Mine? So glad you asked. Actually I have a funny little story to tell ya. Yesterday we told the kids to go pick up their messes in the backyard. I bought water balloons at the store the day before and didn't tell the kids. While they were out there I asked Ronnie if he wanted to play a little trick on the kids...Of course he agreed. I filled up 8 water balloons and Ronnie went outside and had them line up with their backs to us (executioner style) for a "PRIZE"...We asked do you really want this prize? They all were excited and said yes!!! So we counted to 3 and began to throw water balloons at them! HAHAHAHA!

My kids were laughing and screaming. My lil one tho was so funny because he didn't know what was going on (4). His face was priceless. To bad we didn't get a pic. Soo that opened up a can of worms they wanted to play with them of course. My daughter Raven filled up 12 and they went outside to throw them at each other. They wouldn't break!!! They just bounced off of them and hit the ground and broke. We tried everything! The ones hubby and I did broke instantly on them but after that they just wouldn't work. So i told them to just take turns holding them over their heads and breaking them. That is what they did and here are the pics that came out of that. (Whew long story lol!)

They really had a blast. I have more on flickr if you would like to see :)

I have been a scrappin machine lately! I love it! I almost feel like i better quit so i will have some scrappyness left for my dt's. LOL! Anyway here are some more pages I ve done the past few days.

Kerry Lynn put up my kisses for Kerry page on her blog! Sooo cool.

I am sooooo excited for NSD!!! Im going to Suzy's allll day with Ginger and we are gonna have a freakin blast! I cant wait till sat! EEEeekk!! What do you have planned for NSD?


Anonymous said...

I am so jealous of your backyard! mine is just dirt and rocks. Love those pictures, your kids are cute!
Is the my little monsters page a mini?? your pages are the bomb !

Michelle said...

You rock! I love that you made a page from when we met! I was totally kidding with you. Too cute though! I can't wait to get my dozens kit... I adore your water balloon story. You totally have your scrapping groove! You better know it.

Anonymous said...

GREAT pictures!! And YES you are a scrapbook machine, hi, hi! They are all stunning. I love the top ones the most, so colorful! You really ROCK!!!


dani said...

omigosh, I totally hear ya on the water balloons that don't pop!
When I was 13 I went to my boyfriends birthday party, and I was the ONLY GIRL invited. Fine fine, except for when they did water balloons and they all ganged up on me and every balloon they threw popped but none of mine would pop!
I even grabbed a stick to pop one at them if they kept attacking me and the stick wouldn't pop them!
It was.... traumatic, lol.
looks like your kids had fun though, hehe!

Love all the layouts! very very very cool!

Micayla said...

Funny story and fab pics Marie!
Gorgeous layouts as always, you always provide me with such inspo' I just wish I could bust a move and get some scrapping done!!!
As for NSD.............prob not scrapping...........ha ha ha!!!

dori.aleman.medina said...

omg... you have the cutest kids EVAH!!!! (next to mine of course... LOL) good luck on the bypass... i'm so excited for you! wow! what a amazing journey to take! you're going to be HOT!!!! (well, hotter than you already are now!!!)