Saturday, August 2, 2008

It's a cold and it's a broken Hallelujah

I actually have been scrappin these past few days! YAY! I think I'm finally getting my mojo back. I just gotta keep on plowin through. This month is my last month on the dt over at scrap for a cure. I'm sad but I needed to take a break from all that and get myself back together. Now I am only on Red Velvet (which is enough for me).

(SFC mini book)

(grrr I dont know what is wrong with blogger!!!SFC page of my mil with my daughter Aria)

I did however apply for the hambly dt. I wasn't expecting to get it and I am sorta glad I didn't. When I applied I was right out of surgery and pushed myself to make pages for it. I just wasn't feeling it. Of course I didn't know I was going to have so many plms with this surgery either. Anyway here are my submissions.

My sister Janna. I love that she has no cares of what other ppl think of how she dresses. I'm glad that she is unique.

My friend Kerry Lynn's daughter Maddie. She is such a doll.

I do love my wallet tho. Was thinking of selling some in my etsy soon. We will see.

So there ya go. My failed submissions lol! I'm not butt hurt...really I'm not. Ok maybe a little...ahahahahahaha! Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend! I know I am!



Crystal said...

awwwwesoooommme cousin!! I want a wallet that thing rocks! Ill have to come over so you can show me how to make one. :)

Holly said...

I love that little Bingo card up top! And that Hambly wallet...fabulous idea! I tried for Hambly too. I'm also a little butt hurt over here. Hee hee!

Melissa Mann said...

I think your Hambly submissions are spectacular!!!

I'm so glad you are getting back to being able to scrap! I've missed seeing your stuff...I've actually been able to do a little this weekend too, finally!


Ginajam said...

Way to go on your Hambley projects. I think they're awesome. That wallet...ROCKS! Those would sell bigtime. I would LOVE to swap pics...just let me know. I only have a 10k or more just sitting on my computer :-) HAve a good mojo week!!

Anonymous said...

I love your subs, you know, at least you put it out there, which is more than some of us do! have a great one!

Dina said...

Your projects are wonderful...remember that picking a DT is super subjective. I used to have to pick the DT for my sister's website and it was so hard...I always had to turn down people who would have been perfect.

Michelle said...

Very cool stuff! Love the Hambly wallet!

nikki peterson said...

i love all of these LOs. they are great. oh and the glasses i tried on were plastic... but metal sounds super cool.