Thursday, August 7, 2008

My happiness depends on you

Michelle, yes it was and is from the Dolly Parton song Jolene. Love that song and White Stripes did a remake of it that is rockin. It's on my playlist of course. Anyway back to why I'm posting. ;)

I got my lovely RVK yesterday!!! Man, loves it. (OH wait i have to say this. I just watched that Paris Hilton video about her being president. Kinda funny but so not the point. I heard her say "Loves it". WTF! NOOOOOOO! I am not a fan of hers in anyway and the only reason I say it is because of Lord of the Rings. So thought I would let you all know hahaha!) Wow that was a long (). Ok so I broke into my kit and went to work on it last night. Busted out 6 pages. YEAH! I still had stuff left over! WOOT! Here they are.

I don't know if you all are like me but my first page is usually the worst. This is the first page I did.

My cousin Crystal in her cute Kitty costume. Halloween 1978.

Me and hubs when we went to see xfiles. They had a photo booth there. Not the best pics in the world.

This one is a pic when my mom and i went to s.f. and we were walking to china town. We got caught in the rain. I had to take a pic. The title is from the song hard sun. It says " so i tried to want her I turned to see her weep 40 days and 40 nights its still coming down on me."

5 tools of the trade. My hand after creating that top page up there lol!

My daughter Aria eating and laughing at a bbq. Love that paper and those tags.

Last but not least...Sally inspired me with her same colored butterflies. This is my messy desk right after all of the above pages. There are a few more kits left so go and get yours! Hope you enjoyed!



Anonymous said...

Hey !!!!
Your first page the worst ????!!!!!!!!! oh no no !!!!!
you're crazyyy !!!! she's fantastic !!!! thank for share all of this !!!!!!!!!!!!

Holly said...

Cute LO's! Love the photo booth one!

Sweet Marie said...

Wow you are creative girl !!! I love it all. Love the photobooth pictures most of all.

Crystal said...

that all kicks ass cousin!

Micayla said...

OOOH look at all the eye candy baby! I am in scrap heaven. I soooo need some new supplies and some mojo to rock something out!
Thanks for the well wishes, I have more tests today and hopefully all will be good, so fingers crossed.
Speak soon and have a fab weekend my dear. xx

bethchien said...

I love that song Hard Sun and the movie, Into the Wild, was amazing!!

I think your layouts kick a@#!!

Have a great weekend!

GM said...

Hi, i just want to say that i really like your blog, it's one of those that i check out when a go to the net.

I like your attitude and specially your scrapbooking. :)

Melissa Mann said...

I absolutely LOVE the photobooth picture layout!! It just made me smile :-)

Love all these layouts!!! You sure do know how to rock them out!

Have a great weekend!!!

Alicia said...

I just love your pages! They are so FRESH FUNKY and FUN! Yours is my new favorite place to look to for inspiration!

jen geigley said...

you rocked that kit! (and I always love your page titles...)

Ronda Palazzari said...

you works is amazing. Go take a peek at OLW and then email me!


Anonymous said...

I thot so! lol! this kit looks so freaking cute! but you always make them look fabulous! how are you feeling??

Michelle said...

Dude, you rocked the RV kit! =) Lovely pages...I'm the same way, the first page is a little rusty and then I get back in the groove. Way to bust out so many pages! Hope all is well, too...=)

Michelle said...

Dude, you rocked the RV kit! =) Lovely pages...I'm the same way, the first page is a little rusty and then I get back in the groove. Way to bust out so many pages! Hope all is well, too...=)

Unknown said...

Love them all!! WOW love the process that you worked through, can so relate lol
Congrats on OLW!! Woo hoo you!!!

TracyP said...

you are simply Amazing!!!! I think all 6 of them are Awesome!!!

Dina said...

So love your funky, eclectic style.

lisa said...

Visiting your blog for the 1st time and LOVE it !!! Your scrappin' style is sooo cool : )
lis xx

Edleen said...

i miss coming here Marie!!!
loving all your Awesome layouts!
the one is Chinatown, love that :)

have a great day!

dori.aleman.medina said...

wow... isn't that all i ever say? WOW!

Kimberly Scott said...

LOVE the pages...truly.

sally hanna said...

hey sweetness.
guess who we scrapjacked?????

yep, it's you!

Michelle said...

Great los. Love that kit. TFS!


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