Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Picture book

The new ScrapMojo challenge is up! My wonderfully amazing friend Cindy is our guest. I use to stalk her creations every month on Zingboom. She has a style like no other. She truly is a artist. You have to go check out her creation it is freakin awesome!

I had fun with this challenge. I try to think of stuff that will inspire but also make people go "hmm I never thought of using that!". (Talking about the challenges not my page lol!)

This is such a crappy pic! I think my camera is mad at me because I haven't used it for a while! LOL! Anyway I used the piece the chipboard ppl come on..popped them out and then sprayed it with my handy dandy glimmer mist. I then laid it down on my paper and traced the people. Took it to my typewriter and typed inside the people the lyrics to a paramore song. Its about my husband and I. We have been together for 15 yrs and we struggle at times but we still have electricity.

I hope you come and play with us! Thanks to you all for the congrats on olw and scrapjacked! I'm still excited lol!

In surgery news...I sent out invitations to my blog to the people who emailed me and also emailed them back making sure they got them but they never responded so Im assuming that it went to your junk mail. If so email me again and I will try again.
('ve lost 51lbs and its been 2 months and 2 weeks. I am pretty happy about that. I feel a little better. If I could remember to take my vitamins I think I would feel top notch. Alas I've always had a plm taking pills so I fear it's never meant to be ha!

Not much else to report except I'm being lazy and my cats knocked all my stuff off my desk for the millionth time and I'm about ready to kill them all! Hehehe! I hope you all are having a wonderful week!



rainbow lisa said...

hi marie!
i'm happy to hear you're feeling beter & way to go on the weight loss!!!

Holly said...

Love that Electricity page! And, big congrats on the weight loss! So happy for you. :0)

Ginajam said...

Huge are doing great so far! Hope you are feeling better, too! I love your electricity always rock! P.S. I just emailed you!!! Have a great day!

dani said...

Cindy is sooo awesome! love her work.

OMG - that sounds so much like my cats. those little buggers drive me crazy!

And dude - congrats on the weight loss, that so awesome! glad you're feeling a tad better - it's only going to start getting much better from here!! I just know it!

Lu said...

this is a killer project. love it.

Anonymous said...

way to go w/ the weight loss! holy moly! glad you are feeling better, that's what's important!

Anonymous said...

love it! you inspired me to make something of my own :) thanks