Sunday, November 23, 2008

I know this room I've walked this floor

Ok so I was playing around trying to take a new pic for Mojo and it didnt turn out how i wanted but I still love this one. It is hard to take a pic of yourself with one hand and get your glitter stash straight lol!

BTW Thanks girls for all the feedback on the banner. I now want to make one for Christmas but I am sure you will all be sick of looking at banners lol! I want to take that one down and start decorating for Christmas already. How bad is that? I hate when people rush Christmas but this year it is me! Bahh humbug!

I even have been watching Christmas shows. Here is my Christmas show check list.

A Christmas Story *you'll shoot your eye out kid!*
A Christmas Vacation
A Claymation Christmas
Garfield's Christmas
A Mickey's Christmas Carol
A Muppet's Christmas Carol
Rudolph the Red-Nose Reindeer (the old one I have the box set with frosty and Santa clause is coming to town oh and little drummer boy)
Jingle All The Way
Deck The Halls
White Christmas *Bing Crosby & Danny Kaye*
Holiday Inn *Bing Crosby & Fred Astaire*
emmitt otter's jug band Christmas
The Santa Clause 1,2 & 3
Fred Clause

I watched The Perfect Holiday (not that great), This Christmas (pretty good!) and Surviving Christmas (not bad). Got any movies that you must see this time of year?

On to scrap stuff. I had a pile of about 10 layouts that were almost finished. I would set them aside and then forget about them. Last night I decided to finish up some of them. Here they are.

My cousins great grandmother...Her name was LUCY FUR! Say it fast...Yeah sad! LOL!

My sister Janna. She is so crazy. I love scrappin her pics. I'm not thrilled with these pages but they are ok.

AGh blogger is making me so mad! It is turning half of my images on it's side! WTF?! I have to upload to flickr then shrink them down...I figured it out tho so now they are all the same size. WOOT!

Look at this!

YUM!!!! RVK of course.

Mojo is up. I really like it. Something very personal. I hope you all will join in on the fun. My lovely friend Theresa is our guest! She is rad.

Some of you may or may not know that I had gastric bypass about 5 months ago. I have lost 90 lbs so far. As I was going thru this weight loss journey and even before, I realized I was a addict. Yes I was and am addicted to food. Food I feel is the biggest "drug" out there and the hardest to kick. I mean a heroin addict doesn't have to give up half of his addiction. You don't tell them hey you cant shoot up a whole needle only half! Food you have to have every day for the rest of your life. I have learned to work thru my addiction and live with my addiction so I can be healthy and live longer. My statement is "your" not alone, this IS an addiction and we all struggle but we will get through it no matter what yours may be.

I started my Christmas light today...Hopefully will have them all up by wed!

Hope your week turns out wonderfully!



Diane B. said...

congrats on the 90 lbs Marie! just take one day at a time. it's all about the baby steps. hope to see you soon!

bethchien said...

Ok, I totally am diggin your latest layouts...especially the Recover and Lucy Fur. (that one is freaking hilarious!)
And you have got to add one more Christmas movie to your list. The Family Stone. Have you ever seen it? I love that move so much. I own it, but they have been playing it on TV, so I HAVE to watch it. It's like catching your fave song on the radio, even though you own the CD! lol
Have a good week (3 day work week for me..YAY!!)

Anonymous said...

OMG I cannot believe her name was Lucy Fur. Thats so sad. Food addiction is hard to overcome cause you have to eat still no matter what. MY biggest problem is that I just won't stop eating or I'll eat til I am so stuffed. 90 lbs is awesome keep up the good work.

Vee said...

love your layouts!!! so fun and uniquely you! xo

dani said...

Ok, that pic is cracking me up!

And I'm so in love with that lucy fur layout - I saw it earlier on flickr and dang girl, that's good stuff.

But really, it's all good stuff of course!!!

Amber Zimmerman said...

Hands down fave holiday movie. . .The Elf - sooo many fun one liners and great music! Love the RVK sneak!!

Melissa Mann said...

lovin' the layouts, girlie!!!! I so wish i could get in the mood to's been so long since i've really had the urge to just sit down and do more than one at a time.

HUGE congrats on 90lbs! WOW! You must be looking amazing!!!! Need to see pictures!

Have a great Thanksgiving!

Paper Crown said...

wooo i love all your layouts! I hope ill be able to do the scrap mojo challenge this time around, ive barely had time to do them for the past couple of months and it makes me sad. :( looove your list of christmas movies and shows, ive seen most of them! they bring back good memories. :)
Im soo proud of you for losing 90 pounds already! food is seriously like a drug, i know how you feel, im sure LOTS of us do. good luck! Talk to ya later!

Sandy said...

oh, i just love christmas sentimental. what about charlie brown christmas?? that's one of my faves!

awesome layouts (duh, as always), and yummy red velvet...purr...i can't wait for the december one. yummos.

congrats on your weight loss journey!! that's so amazing. i can so relate to what you're saying in many ways! keep it up - that's fantastic!! xo

bethchien said...

Have a wonderful Thankgiving!

Anonymous said...

Congrats girl .. and oh I sooo agree The Perfect HOliday was BOOTY at it's worse. This Christmas so far pretty good fav, I love when she whipped his azz from that shower..that is something I would do totally ..



Ginajam said...

CONGRATS on 90 pounds!!! That is so awesome! I totally know what you're saying about food being the worst addiction there is!! You can't ever live without it :-(
Your layouts are you and so unique!! Hope you're having a nice holiday weekend.

Anonymous said...

Sweetie I hear you. I think I'm addicted to food as well. I get this strange euphoria when I eat. I get happy and giddy and excited, and then sad when my food is all gone. You make a very valid point. I wish food didn't taste so good, then it would be easier to overcome. Good luck!