Monday, January 5, 2009

That statue of baby jesus in the window of the .99 store

Well how was your holidays? I think I am getting back to my old self.

  • I started walking again with my kids and hubby.

  • My daughter is now my work out partner.

  • My desk is a huge mess!

  • Added some new music to the playlist.

  • I actually want to scrap!
    I miss it a bit. I just couldn't find time while I was sick.

Some sad news...RVK is closing. I'm very very sad. I love Rachel, Jen, Theresa, and Michelle. I loved the kits Rachel put together and it was such a honor to be on that dt. I know whatever she goes on to do will be very wicked cool.

One of my fav ladies died in dec. Bettie Page. So sad but she lived a long life and a good one too.

Been playing Millionheir on the DS and watching movies. I have seen...Eagle Eye (pretty good), Mama Mia (eh), Burn after reading (very interesting), Curious case of Benjamin Button (wicked great) and I think that is it. Still have to watch a few movies.

I've lost 102 pounds and am almost on my 7th month. Man the holidays were rough! I am just grateful I managed to lose 2 pounds lol!

I went out and bought me some new shirts and other junk. It is so nice to shop in a regular store. The prices are so much better. Although I did buy a majority of my clothes at torrid...I'm just glad they have smaller sizes too because I love that store. Hehe!

I will be back tmw or the next day to post some work I am most def going to do lol! Also gonna go leave some love for my fellow bloggers. I am such a slacker!
Tell me what you did for New Years.



dani said...

ahhh! I have missed you missy!
102 pounds! that's amazing, rock on.

Torrid IS such a cute store, I bet you had fun shopping.

When I read about RVKC I immediately thought of you. I'm so sad about it, they were my favorite happy mail!

Sandy said...

102 lbs - holy moly!!! you're amazing. good for you. new year's was easy - watching a hockey game with friends, pizza, wine, and my kid playing with their kid. in bed by 11:30. (-; Happy new year Marie!! continued success with your weight loss, and cheers to your health!!

Anonymous said...

Glad you're back! Glad you're feeling better! 102 pounds you said..? WOHW! Amazingly great! Wish you a healthy and creative 2009 and see you on the net. Love

bethchien said...

I really like the new background, but it makes it hard to read most of the words (or at least to me it does. :P)
I had such wonderful holidays! Got a new printer so I can start printing my own pics! Yay!
Congrats with the weight loss. I really want to start getting healthier this year!
Later babe! :D

Ginger Dougherty said...

Diane and I were worried hadn't seen any blogging in a while from you. Glad to see things are going well for you. The Holidays were very hard on our family this year. My FIL passed the day after Thanksgiving and that set the tone for the season. I need to blog too. Take care

Unknown said...

Marie! Wow oh wow your doing so well! I am so proud of you! Torrid is definitely one of my favorites too.. We need to get together soon at Suzys.. you name the date.. I'll be there. I am on my 3rd month.. 40 pounds very happy and healthy like YOU!

Lizee said...

HUGE congrats on ur weight loss...

When i heard about Bettie Page, I thought of you immediately. I know how iconic she was to you. She was such a beauty.

happy 09!

Ginajam said...

I am so glad you are back...missed you! Sad to hear about RVK...I am going to miss your work that you did for them. Hope you're still feeling good...GOD...102 lbs. is so awesome! I can't imagine what that feels like!!! Way to go! Are you still doing the other blog about your experience??

Rose Ann said...

Hi Marie,
Sorry to hear one my fav insiration spots, RVK, is no more...sadness. On to other projects I am sure.

Congrats on your healthiness!
I am going to do better myself in 2009.

Have a scrapfully wonderful day!

aja said...

holy cow, batman!
that's fantastic!

so glad you're taking time for yourself.



Edleen said...

Marie! hope you had a great start to 2009 :)

sorry to hear about RVK...
but Congrats on losing 102lbs! Wow!!!

the messy table, same same here ;)

have a great weekend!

Micayla said...

Check you with all the weightloss Marie, you are rocking. I am so glad you are feeling better.
Now go and scrap and provide me with some yummy inspo'

Anonymous said...

Aww man RVK is closing .. girl 102lbs is AMAZING you go girl you go

Michelle said...

Congrats on so much weight loss and feeling better. That's great news. Sorry about RVK but it sounds like they have some fun stuff in their future.

Melissa Mann said...

Love the new look to your blog!! And yeah for the weight loss!! I bet it was fun to go out and buy some clothes!!!


Michelle Clement said...

Wow, kudos and congrads to you on the 102, girl! That's amazing!! :) Sounds like the holidays were fab - all the best this oh-nine! And *sniff* I'm sad about RVKC, too...Happy new year!

Unknown said...

You Rock!! Way to go with the weight loss- glad you are feeling better. Can't wait to see you get back into the swing of things :)