Thursday, March 5, 2009

Alright, alright, alright, alright....

I am not gonna mention that it has been a month since I last blogged...Nope not gonna do it. I am just going to move on and share away. LOL!

So I have been busy it seems. Not really doing much but just seems like I have ha! I went to PMP 3 times last month. Once for Nikki's rockin class. Love that lady. I will show the pages soon.

Took my daughter last Friday and we cropped together. She had a good time and loved to hear Suzy's snort. We both had a good giggle. Got to talk with the lovely Daniela. Great to catch up.

I have seen a million and one movies...Here is a quick run down.
Friday the 13th-awesome
Slumdog Millionaire-Very good
Savage Grace-uhhh really strange
Extreme Movie-YIKES!
Eden lake-Really excellent
The wackness-WTF
Rachel getting married-eh

I know there are more I just can't remember them.

The new Mojo is up! I actually posted mine this time. YAY for me. I got the new sass line and woot is it lovely! Have to say one of my fav manufacturers. Here is my take on it.

Fun fun come play along. The girls did an amazing job! Oh and we are still looking for a few Mojo girls to add to the team.

Hubby graduated from school with honors! YAY hubby! I knew he would. Now hopefully he finds a good job. Keep us in your prayers and thoughts.

Hmmm I have some other things in the works but wont share them yet. I hope you all had a wonderful Feb and that March is starting off on the right foot! *eeek only 11 more days till my Birthday!*



bethchien said...

Hey babe!!! I am sooo glad you didn't forget about me. ;P hehe
What a kick a@# layout. I will go check out the challenge here in a bit.
I LOVE going to scrap retreats and crops with my mom. We are actually trying to sign up for SISisversary. I just kept looking around everywhere for a retreat to go to and they are all so expensive or too far away. Then, when I started looking over the SIS retreat...I was like, hey we can do this. So I am excited. Mom and I are going together. Yay!
I have been way busy too with scrapping. I am trying to get on the Vintage Plum (new scrap site) design team. That one and MOjo would be wicked cool to be on. I would get a free kit every month and get to do a kick butt challenge every two weeks! hahaa
Keep on rockin girl! Have a good Thursday! :P

Melissa Mann said...

Happy to see the update!! Sounds like you are keeping busy, busy!

Have a great week!

TheresaK said...

Love that layout...and the line!! I had bought pieces from it too. I just DON'T want to cut it up!! it is tooo pretty!

Congrats to your hubs!

Unknown said...

I am soooo glad you blooged, been thinking of you!
Love the page you made, I'm drooling, waiting to get some Sass!
Hoping things pick up on the job front, yay to honors!!Clever man!
Looking forward to hearing about what's in the works!!!

Anonymous said...

i wish i could go to see some movies!!! i haven't been in a couple months...

beautiful layout! i'll have to play again ;) you guys rock over there!

i'll stop by again...


Anonymous said...

YAY for you alright!!! Love your LO! And congrats to your hubby, I'll keep my fingers crossed for him to find a job!

Michelle said...

Wow, you've been a scrapping fiend! I totally miss Daniela. I love that photo from PMP. Super cute lo too. And congrats to your hubby. That's great news!

Ginger Dougherty said...

Hey it was fun hanging out with you guys!!! We have to do it again soon. What ya doin for your birthday?? What ever it is...have a goood one!!!

Fauve Design said...

Missed you!

Love the layout as usual.And the workshop looks like a great time!


Ginajam said...

I miss you, too! I know how hard it is to keep up on this blog thing! I'm lucky if it's once a week nowadays! Yay for the hubs. Super cute layout. Hope you're well!!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to YOUOUOUOU, happy Birthday to YOUOUOU, happy birthday, happy birthday (and so on).... Ooops, I'm one day late I think (timedifference between Holland and USA confuses me every time!) Anyway, have a great day!

Anonymous said...

Fun layout!! Thanks for the quick movie reviews! It helped me decide to NOT see some of them!!