Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My breath fogged up the glass, and so I drew a new face and laughed

Man life keeps trying to get me down with little things here and there but I aint gonna let it lol! Here is an example...Last night I put my hubby's unemployment form in the mail slot to go out today and my work form for his aunt also. Well about 4 am my husband hears a car pull up. He looks out the window and sees someone run from our porch to the car that is parked outside. He goes to the front door and his aunt says she heard someone messing with the mail slot. Of course they are long gone by now and he realizes just what they have stole (the forms). So now we are delayed in our checks but like I said I refuse to let this bring me down.

On to more important things... Got my pmp projects completed and uploaded. My cousin and I went to crop with the girls Friday. Didn't get a lick of scrappin done but cousin did teach me how to crotchet. Pretty cool.

Here are the things I made for the store.

The new sassafras lass...

Note cards with magnets and pins.


Magnets on the fridge.

A page from american crafts rubon's, paper, and brads.My little hippie boy before we cut his hair short.

Last page with my daughter Aria and myself. Used the maya road chipboard and of course new sass. Love that stuff.

I'm making a spring banner for my front door. Guess what I am using? Yep new sass lol! Did I tell you I am in love with that stuff. It is almost done and I have a summer one started as well! Looks like I am on a roll.

My daughter Aria's birthday was the 26Th and we had family and friends over for a BBQ on Saturday. Good times. She looked extra sweet in her little orange dress and wings.

I have been working hard out in the yard. Got my veggie garden all planted up. We have some pumpkins and tomatoes, squash, peppers, green beans, cucumbers and a few melons thrown in for good measure lol!

I planted some rosemary and lavender along the side of the house and some daises at the end of the lawn. My hostas, ferns, and bleeding hearts are all coming up. I think it is so exciting when you plant something from seed or bulb and it actually grows lol! Sometimes I am amazed it actually lived.

The new Mojo girls have been announced today! I am so excited to welcome these girls to the team. Make sure to check it out.



Anonymous said...

Oh wow, those little pins and magnets are so cute!!

Fauve Design said...

Busy girl!!You made some cute stuff missy,love the sassafras!

Marit said...

Don't you just love lavender (that "French" smell!!!!) and your lo's and pins look fabulous again!

bethchien said...

I sooo love the new sass, too!
And I love, love how you used their images to make pins, magnets, etc. Too freaking awesome!

Michelle said...

Wow, so sorry to hear that your mail got stolen. We wait to put it out the morning of that we need it to go out. I can't believe that people stoop so lowly to things like that. Did you make copies of the applications??? Love all the new creations.

Micayla said...

OOOh check out all the new pretties. I esp love that last one.....so gorgeous.

Ginajam said...

I enjoy everything you do...and I agree...Sassafras rules! I can't get enough of it either! What's up with someone messin with your mail??? That's crazy!

dani said...

oh my gosh, why would someone just steal your mail like that? that's really terrible!

your garden sounds amazing.... man oh man, we can have our own garden. that and the house to go with it! :)

Anonymous said...

Man, I can't believe someone stole your mail-WTF??? What will people do next?
I LOVE that new sassafras, too! It's amazing! I can't stop using it! Those pins are too freakin' cute! What a creative idea!
take care and keep your chin up!