Sunday, April 26, 2009

Well I had a lovely weekend with my hubby. Here are the events that took place. Hubby fooled me into thinking I was going to get hair done. Blind folded me and drove me to a hotel. (NOTE: Being a passenger blindfolded is a hard thing to do lol!) He then left me in the room blindfolded saying there was a note in a bag for me. When he left I could take the blindfold off and read it. Well it was simply lovely and lets just say there was candles, roses, strawberries and whip cream involved...Tehehe! We later went out to eat and then caught a movie. Observe and Report. Funny!!! We had such a wonderful time. Once we came back home we wanted to go back to the hotel lol! I asked if we could run away and he said yes but we never did. I think maybe in June for our wedding anniversary. My only regret is I didn't bring my camera! Grrrr!

The new Mojo is up. I love love love this one. I have always loved peter pan. The movie the play the book. I could probably do a whole art journal using stuff from peter pan...Hmmm sounds like a idea lol!

Here is my take on the challenge.

I took that pic of a feather at the park. I think it fits nicely with the title. Trying to use some of my stash up. Old anna griffin paper. The frame is a record sleeve I keep cutting on.

I also made these little guys a few weeks ago. I must say I ♥ them dearly.

As I was taking his picture I kept singing "crazy little thing called love." That ended up being his name...Love. No name for the rabbit yet.

It has been hella hot here! the other day it was 98 but has cooled down. I want to swim so bad. I should go see my mama but 45 mins is to far to drive for a few hours of swimming. The kids were out in the sprinkler.

We had our tea party last sat. OMG the girls loved it. I made them wear some vintage hats I had. I gave them invitations and told them they had to talk in a British accent. I gave them new names...Aria was Elizabeth Lola, Raven was Emma Elizabeth, and I was Lola Emma.

Ha! My 13 yr old wasn't talking so I knew she didn't want to talk in a British accent. After about 5 mins of me asking how the weather was, if they heard any gossip and if there were any boys they liked I told them they didn't have to talk in a British accent anymore. My 7 year old thought it to be wonderful tho. She ate almost all the berries and drank a ton of the green tea. We had so much fun. We will for sure be doing that again! I want to get them some vintage gloves from the antique store for our next tea party.

I went to Suzy's on Friday with cousin. We had a good time. We always do. Met up with Mj and Kristi and Sandy. Good times.

Gosh dont I looke thrilled? UGH! I hate my smile so then I try to play it down. I look tired (well I was).

This pic just sums up the fun that we have at Suzy's. Yes that is Suzy on the table...Don't ask!

Turned in my projects. I will post those soon. I will be back over there on May 3rd for nsd. Should be a hoot. Kerry Lynn and Nikki will be there. I'm hoping my girls Ginger and Diane are coming too... How bout it girls?

Ok now I am off to clean my desk and take the tent down in the back yard. Have a wonderful week!



Michelle said...

It was so good to see you and meet Crystal. I'll take a look at the pictures we took with my camera and see if I have any good ones when I get home.

I love the tea party photos and what your hubby surprised you with! Super sweet.

Melissa Mann said...

Wow! Sounds like you are keeping busy!! And what a sweet hubs you have ;-)

Hope you have a wonderful week!

The Never Fairy said...

Your creations are very fun! :)
And if since you like Peter Pan, click on my name to see the new Pan adventure.


Unknown said...

Ahahhh cool weekend, love the blindfolding thing :-)))!
Your page is gorgeous, great way to use old stash pps :-)))

Marit said...

Hey, you had a lot to share girl! What a dear, dear hubby you have! The lay out is stunning (as ever!) and because I'm into "Alice in Wonderland" again I LOOOOVEEEE the tea party!!! (and thanks for the tip about gloves...!)

dani said...

omigosh, what a lovely surprise!!! I would just die if my husband did that.

And I freaking love the tea party names, hehe, just perfect.

Anonymous said...

What a fun surprise. Im not sure I could be a passenger while blindfolded!! Love your little creatures you sewed! And Suzy must be exhausted after a long day of scrappin!

Diane B. said...

oh the pressure! but if you, kl and nikki are all gonna be in the mix then how can i NOT go for crying out loud!?!

btw, you look fab, girl!

Kristi said...

Suzy was out of control *SNORT* LOL!

Ginajam said...

Oh my much going on for you! And what an awesome surprise from your husband! What a sweetheart! THe tea party pics are adorable. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the cute little owl and bunny you made! Great work!

bethchien said...

OMG!! YOU LOOK GREAT!! You have lost so much weight. You look beautiful, girl! Seriously.
And I love that layout. So stunning.

Anonymous said...

what a great hubby to suprise you! Sounds like an awesome weekend! You look so good, Marie! I know you said you don't like that pic of you, but I think you look great!
I love the tea party pics, too, what photo editing did you use to get those colors and effects?
Your little dolls are adorable, too!

Edleen said...

Marie, loving all the photos!!! your little creations are so cute :)

hope you'll have a Fabulous May!