Friday, September 4, 2009

Without your love I'm lonely deep inside.

Ok time for a new post. Buckle down and do it Marie. LOL! Like how I talk to myself? Anyway I posted the new Mojo. This one I really struggle with. I mean my name not the challenge. Here is my take.

I used lots and lots of glimmer mist. I truly ♥ that stuff!

You see my REAL name is Opal Marie Pease. When I was in 5th grade my mom asked me if I wanted to change my first name to my middle name because we moved around a lot and well Opal isn't the greatest name in the world. Kids would tease me and so I happily said yes pls. She changed my name to Marie with the school and the rest is history. My mom and all my relatives still call me Opal but my hubby and all my friends call me Marie. When one or the other slips up and calls me the name they don't usually call me it sends chills down my spine. Weird huh? Now I am sure some of you will say you like Opal. Yeah it is nice to say but not a nice name to actually have until you are like 80 years old lol! That my friends is my story.

The crop over at My Scrapbook Dreams is fast approaching and I am super excited. I am hoping to get my friends to come out...Ginger Diane come on u can do it lol! My cousin will be there and maybe some new faces. This will be my first crop there so I am a little nervous but excited none the less.

Whew there is so much to say but I just don't know where to start. Oh I went and seen the midnight showing of Halloween 2.

As most of you know I am a huge horror movie fan and well it is that time of year...You know the best time of year for a horror movie fan like me. Anyway back to Halloween 2 one of my favorite horror movies ever was re-done by Rob Zombie whom I love. I must say tho I was not all that happy with his take on these movies. I wasn't sad I seen it because I will watch ANY horror movie but I think the Halloween movies are something you just shouldn't touch unless you really don't change a whole lot to it. Just my opinion.

Man do I need a freakin shopping spree. There is so much cool new stuff that I got to have. I mean come on! No hubby does not have a job yet but he is trying. UGH stupid economy. I am just staying positive that's all i can do right? I think I say that all the time lol!

Well I have a page sitting here waiting for me to stop what I am doing and finish it. My sister is coming over to hang out with the kids and family for a while too. More to come soon!



Melissa Mann said...

beautiful layout!!!! I hear ya about the shopping spree...sheesh. I'm looking for a job and it can't come fast enough for me!!!

Have a happy Labor Day Weekend!

Holly said...

Love your page, Marie! And, that's a lovely story about your name. I really like the name, Opal... but could see how it might have been hard to go by during the growing-up years. At least you didn't have kids singing Christmas carols at you every year: "Deck the halls with boughs of Holly." Yeah. Like I've never heard that one before.

TheresaK said...

Love the layout!!
I agree with your take on H2...although I do have to say I like the remake of the first one.
I like alot of the new releases this time.

dani said...

:( I hope your hubs gets a job soon! and while I'm at it, I hope my hubs gets a job soon! ;)

I love the page, and your name is very pretty, but I so understand. I am like that about all my nicknames too, if someone calls be something other than what they normally call me, it weirds me out. I'm always like, hey, you don't call me that!

I don't even want anyone to tell my nieces my real name because I love what they call me, lol.

bethchien said...

wow that is one gorgeous page! I can totally understand that Opal was probably NOT the most popular name to have when changing schools alot.
Glad you enjoyed H2...count me OUT! lol
I am a chicken sh@@. haha
Hope you had a great holiday weekend!

Michelle said...

I think its a great subject to scrap! Love your glimmer misting.