Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I can't seem to face up to the facts.

I have a few things I need to share. I will be cropping over here at my LSS on Friday the 16TH. She is having a crop till you drop on that Friday and Saturday. I can't make sat because it is my sisters bridal shower but I will be closing the place on Friday. Who wants to come and crop with me? No one? Aww come on lol!

The other thing is I have a class on Oct. 25TH (Home) it is 15.00 and everything is included except glue and cutting tools. Here is the example. It is called a triptych.

It makes a great christmas gift. Of course what says I love you more then a handmade gift anyway?! If you want to sign up let me know or if you want a kit let me know too. I can work something out for ya.

One more class I have in store. We are making 4 pages with the monstrosity line. Here they are.

20.00 on Nov 8th.
We didnt go to the pumpkin patch but we do have tickets and will be going soon. Can't wait. I am hoping to try the zip line. EEEKKK! Love it!

I ♥ this time of year soooo much. I mean I think I say that to you all every year but seriously I love horror movies and this is like a dream month for me. So far I have watched ZombieLand-freakin awesome! Loved every min of it. Trick R Treat-pretty good I wasnt expecting it to be as good as it was. Last but not least The Hills Run Red- again another that I thought was gonna be cheese but I was suprised. If you are a horror movie fan I suggest you check them all out. If you are not but like horror/humor then you def must go see ZombieLand.

I would have seen more things but I have become like the countless million and became addicted to Facebook. I know most of you are saying where have u been? I just didnt want to give into the status quo but I eventually did and I wish I woulda done it earlier lol! I am more addicted to the games then anything. BLAH!

So no scrappyness to share really. I mean since facebook I havent done a damn thing. You would think between waiting for stuff to cook on cafeworld and killing people on mafia wars I would get something done...NOPE! A whole lot of nothing.

Yesterday was my mama's bday. Happy bday mama. The kids made a birthday song video for her. I was still in my jammies and had no makeup on so I wont share it with ya. LOL!

I am starting a accountability post on facebook. We are gonna have to account for our food for the day and share it with others who are on the post. If you want to get in on this let me know. I know I want to lose about 10 pounds more and or at least keep off what I have lost. I think this will help out a lot.


bethchien said...

I soooo love all the sass layouts!! They are too cute! and the color really pop putting them on a white background!
the JB home project is very pretty!
Wicked cool projects, babe!
I love how we zombified ourselves over the weekend! lol

Crystal said...

awesome pages as usual cousin! I love em. I so want to do that class!

Diane B. said...

LOL Marie on the Facebook addiction. I think I was the same way when I first joined. Thankfully, I haven't been sucked into the game apps there so I don't spend more than 10-15 minutes/day there these days. One of these days Ginger & I will be able to join you for one of your LSS crops but this Fri we're doin' the Donna Downey class at Scrapbook Territory. Yoo-hoo! Hope to see you soon!

dani said...

Believe it or not, I went and saw Zombieland and loved it!! So funny -- my sister in law and I were hoping that my brother and husband weren't tricking us into something really awful, gross and scary and I'm so glad it was what it was. Pretty dang good I thought!

That class project is SO awesome - I would actually take that class and I never take classes at stores!