Friday, February 26, 2010

Begin to hope

Things on my mind....Time. Time is something that I seem to never have enough of. I wish for more. Sometimes I wish it would go faster only to want it to come back again. I know I have said this many many times but I cant help it. It really is a plm that weighs heavy on my mind everyday. Maybe for you too?

I did some scrappin. I got some totally awesome happy mail. Jenni Bowlin kits, Maya Road goodies, and new Cosmo. I made a few things with some of the stuff. This I especially like.

I love the old saying keep calm and carry on and the craft just popped in my head. I am sure I am not the first to think of it but I was the first to put it on this little plaque. LOL!

I finished this page the other night. Had it started a while back but it sat and sat for a few months.


I am finally getting a cell phone. Not just any cell phone a iphone. YAY! I have wanted one since they first came out but couldnt even fathom affording them. Now they are much more affordable and I have job. I still really cant afford the plan but I'll have to scrape and pinch for that luxury.

We went and saw Shutter Island on Sunday. I really liked it. I would give it about a 4.75 stars. I really love going to the movies with my hubby. We are gonna have to take a break from that soon. We are hoping to see The Crazies this weekend. We took some new photo booth pics. I really love doing that. I'll share soon.

Make sure you come back Monday for some wicked cool news. Can't wait to share.



Melissa Mann said...

love the little wall hanging! too cute!

happy weekend, pretty lady :-)

Diane B. said...

i know what you mean about not having enough time in the day. ask me the last time i scrapped....i need to follow that DEASFAH {drop everything and scrap for an hour} but i want to have an entire DAY to get my scrap on and i still don't see one in my near future. blah! can't wait to hear the exciting news you have!

Unknown said...

Just saw some news on a certain bad girl blog... COGNRATS!!!! YAYAYAY