Tuesday, June 1, 2010

And it whispers to me softly, "come and play"

My lovely daughter Raven and my sweet son Aeden graduated Thursday. My daughter from 8th grade and my son from Kindergarten. My babies are growing up so fast. My head is spinning from all the tears that I cried that day. So many feelings. Proud of the young people they are growing up to be and sad that they are just growing up. My daughter was on the honor roll and my son's teacher raved about how smart and well behaved he is. Being a parent is sometimes hard, frustrating, worrisome, and heartbreaking but it is always fulfilling.

The love you give and get is like no other. I am truly a lucky woman to be blessed with 4 beautiful children {& a loving hubby}.

My sweet children on mama's day.

I did a bit of crafting here and there. Here is my cupcake garland I made awhile back.

Some pages I forgot to share here.

On the home front...I painted the part of the column that was pumpkin, blue. I also found a different shelf to put under my window and painted that blue. Pics to come soon. I put one of my brownies on a shelf with my sweet dear I found at a antique store.

Many many things in store. Hopefully I can find time. :)



Melissa Mann said...

Congrats to the kids!! Beautiful picture of all of you!

danielle said...

love that brownie, I'm slowly collecting vintage cameras.
And your LO are lovely, as always...
What a beautiful family Marie! Congrats! (and you look great btw!)

Just Sweet Love said...

your journal pages are SO cute!

your b&w photos... they're not on an instax, are they?

i love that size!