Tuesday, June 29, 2010

But you give me the electric twist

It has finally happened. The child teaches the parent. Ok well I am sure that there are many times that my children have taught me something I didn't know. I mean every day something new comes up. In this case that I speak of my daughter said (as she does many many times) "Mom you have to listen to this band, I think you will really like it." 6 times out of 10 I hate it. The other 4 it grows on me. This time...Well it was different. I fell in love with this music artist as soon as I heard the song. You may or may not have heard of A Fine Frenzy. If you have then you either hate it love it. If you haven't then take a listen.

We have marked off a few things on our summer to-do list. Camped out in the backyard last weekend. Why does it seem to go so perfect and lovely in our heads but when the time comes it is stressful and full of bickering? Well here at my house it is I don't know about you. Hahaha! I know they still will enjoy the wonderful time we did manage to have. We played card games by candle light and read poems from A Light In The Attic I absolutely love Shel. He was a major part of my childhood. (He, as in his writings.)Kids talked all night long and we slept under the stars.

Going to see Eclipse tonight and then tmw Hubby and I are off to the beach (Santa Cruz) to watch a free showing of Lost Boys. I am in love with this city. I have since I was a little girl. My mom loves it too and someday we will live there...Someday. *wink* Hoping I will have many lovely beach pics to share.

Some big news for me. I am officially enrolled in school. I start July 14Th. I am studying to become a RDA (registered Dental Assistant). I am really excited. Scared. Nervous. *sigh* I just hope when I am done this does MAJOR good for our family. This is why I do what I do. I just want a more stable and better life for my kids.

I have a 3 day weekend. Woot! Guess what I am doing? Yeah besides swimming and letting off fireworks at my Mama's house...I am going to be turning our old beat up shed (the witch hut my daughter so lovingly named it a few years back) into my scrap room! I am really excited. I have visions of loveliness in my head. Of course it is going to be a long work in progress kinda thing. It needs a floor. Was thinking handmade rag rug. It needs a roof patch job...Paint, paint, and more paint. Thinking one wall is gonna be chalkboard paint. I seen this LOVELY scrap room that has inspired me oh so very much. I'll take that one please! :) Things to be included in my scrap room...I have 2 sets of lockers one is surely going in there (check), old medicine cabinet, lights like you see on my porch(check), lovely turquoise bistro chair, hand made rag rug I mentioned above, vintage lovelies here and there and a handmade coffee filter hanging light ball thingy(check). I haven't showed ya yet but as soon as I get it up in that room pics will ensue! Ha!

Here are the before.

I see beach blue of some sort or pink on the outside...window, flower box, stepping stones and some other fine wonderful, whimsical bits.

Afters to come through out.

I still have to tell you about Hubby and my anniversary, movies we watched, and crops I have attended. I'll save those for next time.

No crafts to share...gasp! Soon my pretties!



Marit said...

Sorry, sorry - I haven't been around for ages! I have some busy month laying behind me *sigh* but I sure hope the summertime will bring more free time to surf around and create! LOVE the photo's and LOVE the song! I usually don't click on movies or songs on blogs, but this time I did. don't know why, but I'm glad I did. WOWZAH! THANKS! (and thanks to your daughter!)

Kate O'Brien said...

Hi. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I just found my way to yours. Love your photos and art!