Tuesday, March 22, 2011

You had my heart inside of your hands

First off have you seen this?

Huge mega contest going on over at GCD. There are two actually. I think you should try. I really do. :) Go here to find out more.

Wow extern has been rough. I felt so lost those 3 days. I am however getting use to it. I can not wait till it is done and I hopefully find the right Doctor/office for me. I know god will push me in that direction. He wont steer me wrong. I trust in him and put it all in his hands. I know you dont see me talk about religion or god to much on my blog. I dont believe in pushing my beliefs on other people. Just know that is not what I am doing. Just giving credit where credit is due (in my life).

My birthday was also the first day of extern. Not nice. We had a party Saturday and we had a few friends and family join us. My hubby took me shopping for some clothes (pics to follow of me in the outfit *wink*) and my mommy, grand and aunt gave me money ( my very fav). I get to go shopping ( my other fav).

One of the cutest pressies I recieved was from my sister. She first handed me a tiny box. Inside were the sweetest little easter bunnies (she knows me to well). Then I opened another package and it was bedding for a small pet...I really was confused at first. Then BIL came in with the rest.

Yep a sweet little cage with a tiny little fuzzy inside.

I named her Matilda. My kids and I LOVE that movie. It just seemed perfect when it popped into my head. Isnt she so sweet?

The kids adore her. Constantly want to hold her. She has even pooped in our hands and they still want to hold her! LOL! Every time I hear "poop in his hand, poop in his hand!" Play over and over in my head.

Nothing I can share on the crafting front today. I did finish a few deadlines and have a few more to start. Oh and I have some more fun crafty news to share soon Woot! Actually 2 fun crafty things. Stay tuned for that.

Lastly...Hello to all my new followers. Thanks for stopping by!



Paula-Scrap Addict said...

I have a cute fuzzy I share my crafty space with, although he is much larger than your Matilda. It's nice to have someone who always agrees with me & think's I'm the queen of his world :-)

kim c said...

Matilda Mouse. love it. take care, sweetie.

Marie-Eve said...

Love your pics. Totally adorable !