Monday, June 4, 2012

I would still be holding you like this

Ok before I get real with you all I have some scrap love to share.

My sweet grandma and me on Easter. I adore her. You all know this. She is such a special lady to me. I actually made this page for the SC NSD challenges. But I totally lagged on taking pics and didn't get them posted on time. Oh well! LOL!

This one documents my time at a bull fight...I am soooo against them. NEVER thought I would go to one. Thank god here in California they are not able to kill or hurt the bull. This page documents my feelings on the matter and the pics I took while I was there. This was also for a nsd challenge at sc. LOL!

This one has to be one of my fav pages in a while. I adore my daughter. I love taking pics of her. She is beautiful. This one was taken in SF. I used the May SC kit for this.

Lastly one of my sweet man. Yes I make lots of him and I. He is that 1 person that I can say anything to. Do anything with. I love him. Used the May SC kit for this one also!

Ok so time to get a little real. Don't read if you don't like real. Haha!

Well, I usually don't get REAL deep on my blog. I mean I save some stuff for my close friends and family... That being said I just read something that is really deep. Something that I half want to comment on and half don't. I wonder how many of you have seen the 2 peas thread about the drunk driving incident? I am not providing a link because honestly I hate drama. I don't wanna fuel the fire. I would like to say this. Words are very powerful. The internet is no joke and people judge you on everything you type. That's all they have. Your typed word. SO when you type, think long and hard what you are going to say.

I have had 3 very close friends and family die in car accidents. ALL were in their early twenties. ALL were from bad decisions. They left holes in my heart. When I am faced with something difficult, a decision involving another person, or an opinion I have to form...I ALWAYS put myself in the other persons shoes. ALWAYS. That being said I deal with things differently. If my poor decision resulted in someone else being affected, I am not sure I could live with myself. When I see the parents on tv that have lost a child or their child has gone missing, I always think I could never be that composed. I would never stop crying. I have to tell myself I am me. I am different. No one is like me. I guess what I am trying to get at is we all have opinions... I have mine. Should we post those for everyone to see? Is there a way to get your point across and not be so self righteous?

Lastly some advice, if you are going to post something so very personal and know it is going to affect people, have someone read it. Heck have 10 people read it. Take their advice. Sit on it and think long and hard. Your word is all you have for them to judge you. Use it wisely!



Lilith Eeckels said...

Boy these are all stunning. Especially love the last one!

Sasha Farina said...

well said. :)

I adore your layouts.!!

Brandy Layton said...

I agree, the value of a word is heavy especially when it is how others will judge or look at you.

Lisa Adair said...

I agree with you, people need to think long and hard before they put words out anywhere on the internet.

I love your layouts! I mean I LOVE your layouts!! Your style is so amazing!

Lisa J said...

Great layouts ~ I especially love the 1st one with you and your grandmother.

Jenn said...

I completely agree, Marie. And your pages are just gorgeous =)