Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Today is a lovely day. Kinda gloomy kinda sunny...Did that make sense? All i know is its not to hot. Anyway back to the msg at are some things i made with rvak. Rachel totally inspired me with her 6x12 l.o. and i thought but how the heck am i gonna store them. I came up with this lil book. So fun to make.

These are my 4 babies....Raven Noel 11

Rowan Zane 6

Aria skyy 5

Aeden Layne 3

I'm not done with this book by any means...but i get so antsy i cant wait. Im like that when i buy people presents too. hehehe.

And a l.o.

I was going to go to ozzfest tmw but Ronnie and i decided it was to soon for him and maybe to hard on him... So we canceled. I'm kinda bummed but kinda not. There wasn't a whole lot of great bands playing this time. Still is a nice escape from the kids. Oh well hopefully sometime soon him and i can get away.

In case you didn't know Rachel totally gave me a shout out on the rvakc blog. Go check it out!! I was sooo excited!!!

I promise next post is gonna be a rak lmao!


michelle said...

this is such a great idea.. love it!

Melissa Mann said...

love all the new stuff, Marie!

Melissa Mann said...

Yeah...thanks for reminding me....I totally forgot to go and leave a comment for everyone I tagged...lmao! Anyhoo!!! You are tagged!!!!!

Shelly Brewer said...

the book turned out great. love the 6X12!!!

Jillian Marie said...

Marie, this book is too cute!!! Do I spy a piece of facbric? If so, I especially LOVE fabric!!!

Are those your kiddos names? So very unique, so very cool!

Happy day :)