Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Happy Halloween!!

We carved pumpkins tonight! They had a wonderful time!

Raven showing the wart on her pumpkin and making a crazy face!

My little Aria showing her cute kitty!

When I scrap my son's I'm gonna call them the shirtless horsemen! LMAO those kids never want to keep their shirts on!

My son Aeden getting all the pumpkin seeds out.

Rowan being nutso! He cracks me up.

Here are our finished products..

May you get lots and lots of candy!


Anonymous said...

Great pictures! And your layouts are stunning!!


Michelle said...

Fun photos. Happy Halloween!

Melissa Mann said...

Cute pictures!! Your girls are beautiful!!

Looks like they had lots of fun!!!

Have a good nite!

Lindsay said...

Lovely pumpkins! Can't wait to see those all scrapped! :)

Hope you had a wonderful Halloween and hope your Dad is doing well!