Saturday, October 27, 2007

short but sweet

Ok some new layouts I've done...

Update on my dad...He had 2 blocked arteries and they have some sort of pump in there. He is being watched for a few days. His kidneys went out and is on dialysis. He can only have a visitor for 10 mins at a time...I go to see him tmw.

Thanks for all the well wishes!


Michelle said...

Hope your father recovers quickly so he can get out of the hospital. I know how much patients hate being there. Beautiful los!

Melissa Mann said...

Love the layouts, girlie!

Michelle said...

cool layouts, Marie! =) And hugs for you and your dad!

Micayla said...

Sweetie I am so sorry about your dad, I hope everything turns out ok. Mucho love to you.
Love the layouts soooo much.
I have tagged you if you wanna play along, but i understand if you dont.

Mika said...

Looks good and love your tune (that's a long time a go that i heard that) For now I'm looking for the cd in my stuff. Mika (