Saturday, October 13, 2007


2 Times once by Melissa and once by here goes...

Here are the Fours.....

Job's I've Had:
1. Babysitter...Since age 12.
2. Fast Food. Taco hell! Hahaha I was a "manager" for 2 years.
3. Relay for the deaf and hard of hearing.I worked there for 5 years...I liked the job hated the politics that went on with the higher ups. But isn't that the case for every job?
4. Worked from home for west...A little over a year and then they decided to not employ ppl from California any longer...I was soooo sad.

Movies I (do) Could Watch Over & Over:(I love movies this is a hard one)
1. The shinning
2. Grease
3. Napoleon dynamite
4. Monty Python and the holy grail

TV Shows I Watch:
2. supernatural
3. survivor
4. medium, ghost whisperer, office, my name is earl, csi...hehehehe!

Places I've Lived:
1. Riverbank
2. Modesto
3. Oakdale
4. Stockton

Favorite Foods:
1. cheese burgers
2. Any kind of potato (I'm Irish hehe)
3. Steak
4. salad

Favorite Colors:
1. pink
2. black
3. red
4. blue

Places I'd Love to Be Now:
1. China
2. A Concert
3. France
4. Ireland

Names I like but would not use for my children:
1. Nicholas (i would use for my children but hubby wouldn't let me)
2. Zoe
3. Lilly
4. Cloe

Funny names

1. YOUR ROCK STAR NAME: (first pet & current car) - lickity kia
2.YOUR GANGSTA NAME: (fave ice cream flavor, favorite cookie) - Cherry choco chip
3. YOUR “FLY Guy/Girl” NAME: (first initial of first name, first three letters of your last name) - O Ram.
4. YOUR DETECTIVE NAME: (favorite color, favorite animal) - Pink lion
5. YOUR SOAP OPERA NAME: (middle name, city where you were born) -Marie Modesto
6. YOUR STAR WARS NAME: (the first 3 letters of your last name, first 2 letters of your first) -Ram op
7. SUPERHERO NAME: (”The” + 2nd favorite color, favorite drink) - The black water
8. NASCAR NAME: (the first names of your grandfathers) - Alvin (I don't know my dads dad's name)
9. STRIPPER NAME: ( the name of your favorite perfume/cologne/scent, favorite candy) - Happy big cherry
10.WITNESS PROTECTION NAME: (mother’s & father’s middle names ) - Lynn Wayne
11. TV WEATHER ANCHOR NAME: (Your 5th grade teacher’s last name, a major city that starts with the same letter) - Harris Hampton
12. SPY NAME/BOND GIRL: (your favorite season/holiday, flower) - Autumn clematis
13. CARTOON NAME: (favorite fruit, article of clothing you’re wearing right now + “ie” or “y”) - Strawberry shirtie
14. HIPPY NAME: (What you ate for breakfast, your favorite tree) - Cookie Japanese maple
15. YOUR ROCKSTAR TOUR NAME: (”The” + Your fave hobby/craft, fave weather element + “Tour”) - The Scrapbook Rain Tour

I tag...
Shelly b

Do whatever one you like or do both!


Melissa Mann said...

Funny stuff!!!

Michelle said...

thanks for the tag, Maire! Will do in a few days..he he...I just filled my blog up to know more about ya, love the 4's!

Michelle said...

So that explains why you knew that quote from Monty Python!

Lizee said...

aww a sweet name
i also chose lily, but i dunno why i cant name my daughter

Micayla said...

Ha soooo fun, I forgot that i had been go and sort it!!!!

Sandra Evertson said...

Cool blog, love your layouts!
Sandra Evertson

Gabrielle said...

Hey Marie...

These were fun to read. Napolean Dynamite...really? LOLOL

BTW...I LOVE your blog title! Gorgeous!

Gabrielle from AMM :)