Wednesday, October 17, 2007


I need to post more but i get so lazy...LOL! Lots to tell tho...We will be posting the winner tmw for scrapmojo!! Our first winner ever! Yipee! So fun! Its been a wonderful adventure doing this blog. I love my mojo girls! They are so talented and inspire me. My right hand girl Melissa has helped me so much just in support alone! I ♥ her.

I have been hanging out over at A million memories the past few days and let me tell you those girls are super! Love that store love that board! Great talent there.

I also have watched a million movies...Let me see if I can remember them all...

Knocked was good but not as funny as I thought it would be...Sometimes things hit reality to me and they are not so funny lol! I think this may have been why...I couldn't get past the whole real life isn't very kind sometimes.

Reign over me...OMG this movie was sooo good...It made me cry. I loved it! I recommend everyone to see this movie.

Bug...STUPID! I hated it. It made me feel like I was going a little nuts with the characters...I use to have these people call me on relay and talk crazy to us...You had to sit and listen to them for so long...It got really annoying and sad. Just like this movie.

Last mimzy...Dang kids movies that make me cry! LOL! It was good too. Kids loved it.

The bridge to tarabithia....Another dang movie that made me cry! The kids were crying i mean it was sooooo SAD. But good.

Messengers...Excellent! I loved it..Im a big horror film fan...

NBR 23...Very good. It was interesting and wracked you brain..I'm sure a great challenge for Jim Carey.

Employee of the Month...Not bad pretty funny. I would watch it again.

Lucky you...Ok total poker movie...I mean really if u love poker u would love this movie...Not much romance..More poker then anything. It was ok.

Hmmm i think that might be it. I plan to rent me some more scary movies....Its hard being the only scary movie fan here lol! I want Vacancy, Reaper, 1408...I know there is more...

Ok on to the layouts...Blogger is not allowing me to upload pics sooo Ill post them later on today.

Hope you all are having a wonderful week!


michelle said...

you have been a busy movie watcher! I loved Bridge to Terabithia. I remember reading it as a kid and I bawled my eyes out, too. I absolutely LOVE scary movies. I loved Messengers but wasnt too thrilled w/ 23. Can't wait to see your layouts!

Melissa Mann said...

I {heart} you too, chickie!!! And I agree with you on "Knocked Up"...too corny for!!

Talk to ya later!

Gabrielle said...

WOW You've been busy with all those movies! When I see one I like, I'll watch it over and over!

Right now The Guardian with Kevin Costner and Ashton Kutcher is a fav! Have you seen it?

Gabrielle from AMM :)