Saturday, April 5, 2008

They say that things change my dear...

So many things to share but my mind just doesn't want to work...Hmmm...Well I got my scrap for a cure kit in the mail and worked on some pages for that...Wont share those just yet.

Oh the tests came back for Aria and she does have a UTI (which i knew) and the meds are going to cost me 107.00!!! That's with insurance! OMG! I about fell out of my chair when they told me that. One bottle for 10 days and without ins it cost 369.00! I mean this stuff must be made out of gold! LOL! I just need to get her well so whatever.

The new Mojo challenge is up! WOOT. I actually got it up early...Can you say midnight last night lol! Here is my page for that.

I'm really proud of Mojo and how it is growing every challenge. I love my dt and couldn't have asked for better girls. They inspire me with every challenge and keep me going.

I also did another Mini Mini for the lovely Miss Lisa's challenge over at sis.

It's less then 1". It wasn't hard to make really at all. I used those tiny pics you get in your costco pack. There is more pics on my flickr or my sis. Mine is a magnet but it could be made into a necklace or a key chain.

I have a birthday party to go to tonight and tmw is another party at my house soo this weekend is busy busy busy. I am gonna try to squeeze in a visit with the wicked awesome Rachel D. I mean how can I pass that up?!? No matter how nervous I am. She said something on her blog that totally was spot on.."I need to be vulnerable and brave and shake a hand. Because awkward is beautiful, right?" I love that! She is so amazing. I think that will be a title to the page I make with the pics that I take of her and I when we meet lmao!!! HAHAHA what a true scrapper already have it all planned out!

Hope your weekend is a fun one!


dani said...

Have a lovely weekend... I adore that bottlecap mini!!

Hope you get to meet Rachel!!

Micayla said...

Shame about the cost of the meds, but if it makes her better then cost of course is nothing!
I am loving the mojo layout, I feel so inspired to go and play with my new sass lass paper now!

Melissa Mann said...

Love the new mojo layout!! And that mini is So cute!!

Anonymous said...

Hope Aria gets well soon! the mini and you are on a creating high girl!!



FauveDesign said...

That mini mini is sooooooooo awesome!WOW you creative mind!

Michelle said...

Sorry that Aria has a UTI. Love the super mini album. Too cute! Hope you have a great time meeting Rachel. She rocks!

Michelle said...

oooh..soo wishing I could meet you and Rachel!! he that quote from dead-on! Lovely pages as always, Marie!! =) Way to rock the Sass Fras!

Anonymous said...

Poor thing, I hope your daughter is ok. I have a holistic remedy for UTI's if you want it. It worked for me.
Are you a Tori Amos fan? She's my fave! And how cute is your mini album!?! So awesome!


Sandi Minchuk said...

LOVE the new layout, Marie!

You've been tagged! See my blog for details! ;)

michelle said...

wow. your magnet is amazing! love your challenge, very bright and springy.

RachelDenbow said...

Marie! Thanks so much for taking the time out of your weekend to fit in a visit at Starbucks. It means a lot. It was really great to meet you in real life instead of just knowing you through my computer screen!
My pic of us turned out blurry (AGHH!) so I'd love to borrow your copy whenever you upload.

Talk to you soon!


TheresaK said...

I LOVE that mini album!

dori.aleman.medina said...

omg... where do you come up with that stuff? that is just amazing! (and makes me glad i kept all those sheets from costco!)

i hear ya on the Rx-i spent 50 today (with insurance) on diego's Rx for his ecema! ugh!

Anonymous said...

I love your bottlecap album!! Wowza!