Thursday, April 9, 2009

The dream makers gonna make you mad

Sun where did you go? Why are you hiding? The sun has decided to take a vacation for the next few days and let the rain take over. Actually it looks kind of pretty outside. Not to cold, not to warm. I cant go jump on the trampoline though. Booo!

I am working on a page. Have it almost done but am looking for a title. I was going to do one of the challenge blogs but couldn't find any that fit. I'll keep looking. Need to get started on my next mojo page. It is one of my fav's. I feel like I need a new kit or something lol! I haven't got one since rvk shut down.

I did however throw this little one together. Used the new sass for this. I dont think i need to say again how much I love that company do I?

My cousins little boy Markie. Isnt he adorable? I think so.

I have been feeling like I want to make something pretty. Something with sewing and fabric and vintage stuff. I love to scrapbook but sometimes I just want something different. The banner is kind of hitting that spot but not quite.

It is not that I don't have enough junk to actually make something it is that I just don't feel THAT creative. Ah well I think I miss poppy ink. Heather always inspired me. ETA: I found it! Something beautiful and not to hard. Hits that spot quite nicely. I'll share next time.

Oh my crochet necklace (totally spelled that wrong last time lol) was featured on this site. How cool is that? I made another one. All vintage buttons on there. I am thinking of sending it to my friend Rachel because I miss her and am thinking about her. Now to get to the post office lol! That place is my arch enemy.

(my daughters friend)

Ohhh I have sprouts in my garden! The beans and watermelons are coming up nicely. I also planted a herb garden in my window and it has sprouted too! Yay me!

Well I should have a lot to share next post. I think I am on a roll for April. On that note...How's the weather in your city?


Ginger Dougherty said...

Hey look at you go...if you got rain i got rain...well been watching the weather closely because we are headed out for another camping trip for easter...i hope for no rain

Fauve Design said...

Girl your necklace is soooooo gorgeous,wow!

Crystal said...

awww way cool your rocking those necklaces Cousin!!

bethchien said...

I am sooo with you on the Sass! I love them too! And I get in "moods", too, to make something pretty. lol
Loving the layout and the necklace. Killer, my friend.
Loving your banner, too, btw. :P
Happy Easter!

Michelle said...

Love your banner and pictures of your sprouts. I think its awesome you are growing watermelon. And congrats on getting your necklace featured too.

Marit said...

The necklace is great! I hope you had better weather last Easter weekend... we had Spring-sunny weather over in the Netherlands. Yeah! finally!

Unknown said...

Can't wait to see the 'title-less' page. lovin' everything else you have created! Wish we could grow watermelons here, too cold this far south.

Anonymous said...

that necklace is so pretty (hint) and I love the GROW banner. That new sass is great!

Ginajam said...

LOVE the Sassafras layout...I, too, am crazy about that brand. I'm afraid to use mine, it's just too cute. You look great, by the way! Meant to say that in my other comment!!