Saturday, May 22, 2010

I'll follow you into the dark

Ok should I start this post off on how time goes to darn fast and bad blogger I be?? Nah! I have been super busy. When I say busy I don't mean doing fun stuff either. Just work basically. Once I get home from work I watch TV, referee kids, eat, shower and go to bed just so I can do it all over again the next day. Then I usher my days away so I can have 2 days of peace (yeah right). I have been trying very hard not to wish and wish the week would go by fast and the weekend would get here but I must say it is REALLY hard!

I got a creative bug up my butt last weekend and did a few projects here and there. Mainly played with cupcake liners. Fun. Pics coming soon.

I have been so into messing around with my living room I kind of put scrappin on a back burner. I did however manage to throw 2 pages together. I'll post those soon too. In the meantime I made this little frame thing. I used a prima refill canvas page and a dollar tree back of a frame. Really like how it turned out.

My living room has been ever changing and I got a few new pieces to share. I am STILL not satisfied with this room. It is a work in progress and I hope one day I can call it done. I am sure my husband hopes that too.

Isn't that pillar lovely?!? Its all chippy and cracked and shabby. May paint that fabulous pumpkin color turquoise. I really love the pumpkin but not sure it matches to well. Debating.

How bout that pic? It is a TTVF pic using my new/old Kodak brownie. I went to this lovely craft/vintage shop and I was in heaven! She has vintage buttons galore. I sooo scored with this place. Not to mention these fabulous vintage cameras to start off my collection. I have been wanting some for a while now but never seen them in any antique stores. They were a good price too. 10 each!

I have some other scores to show but I will wait till next post! You have any cool finds to share with me? I would love to see.

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danielle said...

what a find with that Brownie. I have two out of my vintage camera collection.
And love that frame!