Sunday, October 10, 2010

Black as the Night Full of Fright

10/10/10 is the date today, so far so lovely. The weather is beautiful. The kids are at church. I got a few crafty loveliness' done. Managed to study just a wee bit, need to cram in some more of that and am watching scary movies. How can the day get any better? *Well money could fall from the sky so I can take the kids to Disneyland and buy myself a new camera with lenses and hubby what ever his lil heart desires, but I wont push my luck hahaha!

This is a fun filled post with a little vintage/spooky Halloween decor. Well it looks vintage-eee anyway. I finally finished my fireplace mantel. My daughter said it looked like something out of a Martha Stewart magazine. Aww she knows how to make my day.

The pumpkin platter I bought at target and the birds from the dollar tree of course!I used the psa essentials Halloween stamp set for the banner and the little medallions. I still have to finish my side tables and my cabinet. I need some printer ink to to do what I would like. Hopefully that will come soon.

I try to take pics throughout the month of all the things that I love so very much and can usually only find in October. Here are a few of those things.

Mmm Carmel apples, Halloween cookies and my famous pumpkin pie cake! Hubby bought me the Halloween cookies like the sweet sweet man that he is. Made the pumpkin pie cake and took some to school for the girls to try. I have yet to have anyone say they didn't love it. It seriously is to die for. Simple and easy to make too!

I already picked up our pumpkins at Safeway. They had the LARGE ones on sale for 4.99 each! I couldn't pass them up. I never buy them at the pumpkin patch they are way to spensive lol! My beautiful mother however bought the kids and I pumpkin patch tickets (the tickets are for the haunted house, corn maze and what not). Next weekend I am thinking?? Oh lovely pictures to come (fingers crossed).

I have been busy with some deadlines for thanksgiving stuff. It is hard to concentrate on all that when its Halloween. I have so many Halloween projects I want to do and don't think I will have the time to do them. Eeeee! Between tests to study for, kids to yell at, and deadlines for other things... Well you get the idea.

Lastly I would love to see your Halloween decor. Leave me a link to your blog or wherever you have pictures. If you don't have any send me some links of some that inspire you!

Happy Haunting!


Libby O said...

I am dying for the music. Love it - monster mash! You have such a beautiful design sense - so graphic! The fire place set up is AMAZING!

Christina Padilla said...

lady, your mantel is gorge. i loves it and i loves how raven said it looks like martha. love. love.

i want that platter thing. i want that and your halloweeney banner is deeelightful. i need to steal your pic and make it my banner. lolz.

why can't you move closer to me woman? i need my crafty bff to be closer. and yes i just made you my crafty bff. your lucky. ahahahah

Unknown said...

Martha cover page!!!! amazing, go you crafty minx you!!

danielle said...

that fireplace DOES look like Martha's-LOOOOOOVE it! I need to take pictures of mine. I wisd mine was white like yours. Ands all your decorations look awesome!

Curlywiggles said...

Loves your medallions in the test tubes, vintagey awesomeness! Halloween is my favourite!