Sunday, October 17, 2010

I'm gonna be an emo kid for halloween

I have to start out by saying I am super proud of myself. I have been posting quite regularly to this ol blog. Yay me! Ha.

Hubby and I went to the movies this weekend. Haven't been in a while and there was so many wonderfully scary movies out. We choose to go see My Soul To Take. Wes Cravens new nightmare he devised. It really screamed Wes Craven. Think Freddy and Scream mashed together. I liked it tho. Was a little disappointed with having to pay extra for 3-d. Most of the time I had forgot I was watching a 3-d movie. If you can see it do so in 2-d and save the extra money. The ending lacked just a little but all in all a really good movie.

We also watched Case 39. Excellent movie! I loved it. Great story line. Great acting. Must see!

There are a billion pumpkin/Halloween recipes I am going to (or say I am going to) make and will post the end results here along with the recipe. I know one I wont be making (would love to tho) are these really neat dexter inspired lollipops.

Really really cool. Maybe next year.

I haven't made much of a dent in the Halloween craft ideas. They are still sitting in my head waiting to get out. School just seems to take over and I cant get what I want done. Study study study. Made custom acrylic crowns, bridges, and preformed metal crowns. Really fun to make.

As I had stated in previous posts I have some PSA goodies I made to share. Here are a few.

Candy cones.

Halloween style magnets

October has not heard my requests. It is flying by with a vengeance. At least I have the kids costumes taken care of. First for us! Another one to be proud of! Haha!

I have a clown with blood, a scary mask dude (not real sure what it is) and a pirate or vampire or mask wearing 6 year old. Hasn't made up his mind but we have a few extras he can choose from! My oldest is going as a band member from a band I hate. Yes that makes me old-ish. Hahaha but oh well it was bound to come eventually right?

What are the littles in your life going to be? How bout the big ones? :)



Diane B. said...

love those candy cones! darren is going to be a star wars jedi fighter. gonna go trick-or-treating in ginger's new neighborhood this year for a change. hope all is well with you!

bethchien said...

love all your halloween posts!

Edleen said...

Marie! how have you been?
it's been awhile since i came by your blog. love your creations!!!