Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Oh white meat dark meat I just cant choose

Thanksgiving is only one week away! You know what I am thinking so I wont even type it. Right? Right? Moving on. I am doing Thanksgiving at my house (as I stated in a previous post) so I have been frantically searching the internet for (cheap) fall decorating ideas.

I found the acorn banner (link posted 2 posts down) and decided that is way easy (cheap) and super cute to make. I went to work.

I finally got my printer in working order after much frustration but way less money then it would've cost for new cartridges. Guess I am thankful for the frustration and saved money. Anyway printed out the acorn pattern Rachel provided. Used cardstock I had and Dollar store wood grain contact paper. VIOLA! Cute acorn banner done!

Then I searched high and low for a super easy way of making paper garland. I have a ton of scrap paper that I keep saying I am going to sell or I let the kids make birthday cards with. The pile keeps growing and growing. So the other day I thought eureka I have it! I will punch all those papers up and use them for paper garland. Hehehe smart smart me. I sat and watched a few shows and punched till my fingers hurt.

I found a site that said use wax paper to make the garland. I went to reach for my wax paper and wouldn't you know it...I was out! Grr what to do? I have a ton of tissue paper (super cheap) and decided it must work the same way and tried it..Indeed it does! I will say little bits of paper get stuck on the thread but they easily come off.

First I cut thin long strips from the tissue paper and spaced my punched circles out on the tissue paper. I used very little glue stick glue to keep them in place. I do mean very little! If you use to much the tissue paper will be stuck on your paper.

Ran it through my sewing machine just as if I was sewing a dress or shirt (haha yeah right never have done that before).

When I came to the end of one strip I just fed another through after it. Once I got all my strips sewn I then pulled off the tissue paper. It comes away easily and I only used about 2 sheets! I love paper garland and the best part is it cost me 0, nada, nothing to make! I had all the supplies already.

I also found some very sweet printables on and used those throughout the living room. The squirrels are my very favorite.

I had the silver glittery pumpkin/gourds from halloween. They are perfect for thanksgiving too if I do say so myself.

The flower garland on the mirror is made from white cupcake liners I also purchased (you guessed it) the dollar store. I will show how to make those in the next post.

I really wish I could do more. I want a new mirror for that mantel and still have yet to find something to put above the mirror. I have the angel but its just there temporarily.

I must say it is hard to decorate on a non-exsistant budget, but possible. Hope I have inspired you to save a little money and gave you some ideas for your own thanksgiving celebration! More to come.



Diane B. said...

you are my hero. you absolutely did a fab job decorating on a next-to-nothing budget! plus, don't ya get such a feeling of satisfaction that you made it all yourself? love it!

Sandy said...

look at you! all crafty and thrifty rolled into one....LOVE love all of it! I'm just waiting for you yankees to finish YOUR thanksgiving so I can put my christmas tree up...(-: Have a great turkey-day!

Amber Zimmerman said...

I am loving your garlands! That acorn banner is especially cute with the woodgrain. I want to see more of your adorable house! :-)