Saturday, November 27, 2010

There'll be pennies from heaven for you and me

My last post for this month. I have officially put away all the thanksgiving/fall decor and busted out the Christmas stuff. Before I start posting all the wonders that is Christmas I have one last fall decorating (and thanksgiving day) post to share.

My sweet little dvd cabinet that I fixed up. Notice one of my most precious mercury glass knobs is broke? Hubby did that. When he told me about it I wanted to cry. My husband of course was very sorry. It still stings when I see it missing. I will someday be able to replace it. Anyway I printed the little vintage postcard to stick in my apothecary jar and that little owl cost me .75, feather, pumpkins and leaves all fill the other jars. Free fall stuff.

The thankful banner I made with my PSA stamps. They have the most beautiful letters. I will be making another for Christmas. I love how it came out. Very easy too.

I also made the kids tic tac toe games for them to play while they waited for dinner or after.

These fall leaf picks

and this tiny Give Thanks mini mini book. All of them I used the Hello kitty stamp set from PSA.

All of it has been packed away for next Thanksgiving. We did have a pretty good day. Stressful but good. The kids loved all the food.

The turkey looks really good. Sadly I think I cooked it a little to long. It wasn't as juicy as I wanted. I don't have a meat therm so I was really just guessing. Next year I am investing in one.

Finished the feast off with a little friendly game of chess with Uncle Rob.

Oh and a tat done by my 14 (soon to be 15) year old daugher Raven.

December holds so many things. Christmas mantel is started. Ravens 15Th birthday is being planned. A little get together with a whole lot of family Christmas eve. *sigh* Of course a whole lot of Christmas craftiness. Stay tuned.

Hope you all had a wonderful (thankful) day!


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