Monday, November 8, 2010

Uh oh I want some more...

The first week of November has just flown by. It is pretty much a blur. I have no idea how that could've gone so fast! Having children and getting older really makes the time go. Why is that? I remember being a kid and it seemed like a a year took forever! Gah! Once 18 came the years after have literally passed me by with a vengeance. I know I am not the only one that feels this way right?

Did you set your clocks back sat? I think it is kinda neat because that is the only time we can officially travel back in time. Yeah it is only one whole hour but still it is pretty cool to get to do a whole hour of your life over again.

Finally got some of my deadlines done. I have one more to whip up. Hope to finish that today. Then I am going to make a advent calendar and some Thanksgiving things for the house. Oh did I tell you it is at my house this year? I have to make the house look super cute for that since this is my first Thanksgiving here. I mean we always have parties at the house. Usually kids birthdays but never Thanksgiving. My mommy always does it. She is moving and going through some changes as are we so it is easier if it is at my house.

I need printer ink tho. Well I should say I bought a refill kit got it just in time for this weekend and found out I need a chip resetter to make it work. I ordered that Saturday and am hoping it gets here very very soon. I want to print out some thanksgiving clip art and this sweet little acorn banner Rachel posted.

It is gonna be perfect for my house I think. She has a PDF and step by step instructions here.

I will be posting my guest spot soon and all the lovely things. For now here is a few sneaks.

Do you have any thanksgiving decorations to share? How bout inspiration? Leave me some links.


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Diane B. said...

love those rolled flowers, marie! i managed to whip up a thanksgiving banner. it's on my blog if you want a lookie. ;-) when the heck are we gonna see you again? ginger is gonna try to schedule a bday crop for me next month at Scrapbook Territory. Beware: it's gonna be 80's themed! LOL