Thursday, December 2, 2010

I'm telling you why....

Santa is coming to town & fast! I have been working hard (not really) on my Christmas decor. I just am not really happy with it. Boo. Oh well I am done smooshing and moving and taking down and making. It will just have to be. I found some BEAUTIFULLY amazing blogs lately with so much inspiration. When I grow up I wanna have beautiful homes like them!

Anyway back to the point. On one of these said blogs there was a link to a mantel Christmas party. How fun is that?!? I am joining in on the party. There are so beautiful ones up and if you need some Christmas shove to get your butt in gear then go check them out.

Here is my Christmas mantel.

I was really inspired by elf. I love how elegant he decorated the store and it was using a lot of paper and other stuff. I had to make my own version of that. Plus as you all know I have to do this on the cheap.

Tinsel wreath I made. 3.50 to make. I love it.

I have yet to see a wreath with a banner. So I would like to think it was my idea and mine alone.

I made this little paper house.

I cut out little snow man and put them inside so when u look thru the windows you see them peaking out. When I was a kid I loved little things like this.

Mercury glass ornament balls and tea light holders.

I got a whole box of them (ornaments) for .50 at the flea market last weekend! SCORE!

Vintage Christmas card I printed off the Internet. One really huge ornament I picked up a long while ago. Not sure where or when but I know I have had it a while. The little snowflake was also a flea market find. Vintage tin ornament .10 ♥.

Another vintage Christmas card I printed off the Internet. Little vintage mercury glass bird that I adore.

I made the Christmas trees at the top of the candle holders. Martha has a tutorial on how to do it but it is very confusing. If you want to know how to make them leave me a comment and I will do a video tutorial. I love how they turned out. I think they need glitter tho. Another pic from the internet and another tin ornament from the flea market.

Last but not least my sweet little vintage deer. I don't know where he came from. I love him tho. I thought he would be cute a top this pine cone.

Thank you so much for visiting my mantel. I have more Christmas decor to come and some Christmas ornament ideas. Make sure to check back often!



Diane B. said...

Girl! Your mantle looks totally awesome. Love that little mini banner inside of your wreath. Can't wait to see your door when you're done with it.

Sandy said...

I would love for you to make a video how-to for the tree! Everything you have here looks beautiful. Off to look for vintage Christmas images...

stick said...

This is so pretty!! It's helping me get inspired for my own decorating today :)

Melissa Mann said...

This is beautiful, Marie!!!

Anonymous said...

Everything is so beautiful!!! I too love the movie Elf and LOVED the way that he decorated the store and then his Dad's house. All of those snowflake chains hanging from the ceiling. Swoon. Love it! You did a beautiful job with your version.

Michelle @ A Million Memories

LenoreNeverM♡re said...

gorgeous~ the paper house is so charming!