Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I could stay there close my eyes

Did I not say I have been a crafting fool lately? I honestly didn't realize until I went to post all these layouts. I have to give credit to my new crafty friends (and old). We have been getting together and scrappin our little hearts out.

I made this one at the OPP crop with Ashley, Kristi, MJ, Gina, Tricia, and Suzy. I had a great time and I actually got stuff done! Yay! I love the purple and teal in this one. This is a lot more simple then I usually do but I love the papers so much I let them speak for themselves.

Oh and not just 1 layout did I finish but 2! *gasp* I am just as stunned as you! I used the new company Authentique's lines on both the pages. They are lovely lines. My daughter Raven took this photo of my daughter Aria with her DSI. It isnt the best quality picture but that doesn't mean it isn't worth scrapping! It is about the memories. Wouldn't you agree?

In other news, I took my test and wont find out the results for a few weeks. Maybe 6. I feel good about it but I keep thinking of all the things that COULD have been wrong and then I start doubting myself. The ortho dr that I went on a interview for is still doing interviews! I think maybe it's safe to say I don't have that job ha! I need to get re-certified in cpr and get my live links scan done. I can't wait for all this to be finished!


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Gina Lideros said...

sometimes simple is good, and your right the colors (bright purple and teal) seem to just pop off the page with the kraft background. So pretty!