Tuesday, August 16, 2011

You must be mistaken

Everyone seems to be doing a week in the life but I think I will keep it simple and show you a weekend in the life of me...Not that I am special and you really care but hey, just in case you do. *wink*
~Ashley Ginger Kerry Lynn Kristi Diane Me~

I had such a wonderful weekend. I think I have been saying that a lot lately. Went up to Berkley with Ashley, Ginger, and Diane. We met up with Kerry Lynn, Kristi, Nikki, Daniela, and Kari at scrapbook territory. Laughter, bitching, snacking, and of course a little scrapping, was had.

I finished one page and started another. Played with the new Amy Tangerine line. Super cute stuff called for a super cute picture or two.

My silly daughter Raven. I love taking pictures of her when she will allow me. She is sooooo beautiful. My real life model.

Love using punches and I am seriously in love with those medallion punches. This one is from Martha Stewart. I also used stamps on this layout! Again from the Amy Tangerine line.

To stitch or not to stitch.
I say to stitch. So I did.

I started another layout but I didn't finish so that one will be coming soon. We had a mini photo shoot because we have so much fun that we forget to take pictures. I demanded Kristi get her totally wicked camera out and start shooting.
~Me & Ashley~

She takes wonderful pics. I love them all.
~Ashley Kristi & Me~

I took a few but not many.
~Kristi & Ashley~

Sunday planned a picnic with the kids at our favorite park.

Then hubby and I had a date night. Our fav restaurant with our fave couple…us! Bawahaha!

I love their fried mushrooms. Tuesday is movie day and I am hoping to go see the help. I forgot to mention we went and saw Harry Potter (freaking loved it and totally cried like a baby) and Crazy Stupid Love (another great one). I love watching movies with him. Date nights are so lovely.

I worked on a tiny sweet mini today. I think I am in love with it. That does not happen often with my creations. I will share soon!



Melissa Mann said...

Fun pictures! Sounds like an awesome weekend :-)

amytangerine said...

your layout is AWESOME! thanks so much!

leah said...

Gorgeous layout!!! Love it!

Kari said...

i had so much fun cropping & i totally agree with the stitching ;)
also, i read the help and saw it sunday with the fam & LOVED it.
i cried at harry too (nerd forever.)


Kristi said...

Oh Em Gee, I want the raw image of me & Ashley!

I had an awesome time on Saturday, can't wait for the follow up!!!

only, the next time we have 12+ hours dedicated to scrapping you better do more than ONE layout!

Ashley Newell said...

Did I not leave a comment? I guess I was too busy stealing the picture. :D I love this layout and you're right, the stitching really did add a lot. :P

Why does Saturday feel like forever ago? Also, you should go out with your favorite couple...US! Duh!