Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Watching telly, drinking wine

I have so much to share with you. Of course you may not want me to share it but I shall anyway lol!

We had our 2nd Friday fright night of the season. We did a Nightmare On Elm Street marathon. Of course we skipped the 2nd movie. Worst nightmare ever!

For dinner I made the Chicken Broccoli Bake. We LOVE this casserole.

It is freakin delicious! I use Normandy veggies in it instead of just broccoli and the kids really like it. YUM!

For our treat we ate (& I made) white chocolate pretzel rods.

OMG sooo delicious. I used white chocolate chips and melted them over a double boiler. When you do that, make sure to turn it low and keep stirring. Dip the rods in and sprinkle while still wet with Halloween sprinkles.


Another page to share. This picture is of me. Of course. My husband took it.
Are you surprised it is made with Crate Papers Random? Yeah I didn't think so. :)
When I do pages of myself, I like to be all deep and profound. HAHA! No but I do like to tell something heartfelt about how far I have come or how I feel about life. You know the same old blah blah.

I was inspired by Debee Campos and one of her older scrapbook pages. I adore that lil lady.

My mom's birthday was sweet and small. All turned out well. More to come!



Kari said...

I feel a scralift coming on
Ps. Love that dessert!

kim c said...

Love this layout. the dark green is amazing.