Wednesday, January 25, 2012

You play through my mind like a symphony

So I just downloaded the blogger app for my (totally awesome) iPhone 4s and am trying it out. Not sure how it's gonna work but so far not bad. If this works great it will mean way more posts from me!

So let's post a few pics. I found this great fabric at the thrift store for .75 and it is going to be my next hair bow.

Speaking of hair bows I never did share the ones I made for a friend. She was sad at work so I really wanted to try and do something nice. Here those are.

Oh and more hambly sneaks!!!

I hope my package comes in the mail soon so I can play!

I have a ton of valentines junk lined up for you all so make sure to come back for that!

* Just a note...I came back and polished a few things up on the computer but all in all its a pretty good app! I should be blogging more thanks to my iPhone! Hehehe!


1 comment:

Michelle Hernandez said...

Those bows look fantastic! LOVE those two new prints from Hambly- they will break my bank this season!