Sunday, April 8, 2012

Even if the skies get rough

So have you gotten your hands on any of the new Hambly yet? I adore it! Love love love. I made this page of my daughter and hubby.
Last year around Easter time I took this pic. Love the chevron paper, airplanes, rub-ons...Everything! hahaha! What is your fav hambly product? To hard to choose right?

The other night hubby, Raven and I watched fright night. I actually liked it. Thought it was gonna be major lame. Wrong. If you wanna see a little cheese, slightly humorous horror movie. Watch it.


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TheresaK said...

WOW, it has been so long since I have visited your pretty! What a beautiful layout! I still want to see Fright Night, I heard that it was kinda good :)