Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Fruit salad...Yummy yummy!

So I have been pretty much eating junk food for the past ohhhh lets just say months...Ive been feeling blah, so i went grocery shopping and all i could think about is fruit. How i hadnt had any in sometime and I use to be such a big fruit eater. I was lucky because they had a lot of fruit on sale. I bought some grapes, apples, pineapple and strawberries. Here is my fruit salad we enjoyed last night.

I did do some scrapin yesterday...I had to get these two pages done because my sil's are moving to mississippi! They leave monday. So i scraped these two pages of them with the kids for a parting gift. We are gonna miss them so much. I know how hard everyone in the valley has been struggling since houses went up to bayarea prices but our wages stayed the same. So not fair. It makes it hard for middle class to survive. So they are going where the houses are cheap and they dont have to worry about it. Ive often thought of going with them but i love california to much. I think my heart would break. Plus id have to leave my grandma. I cant do that.

Who could leave her? LOL! My cousin says everytime u take a picture of my grandma it looks like someone has just pinched her in the butt. I must agree.

Anyway here are the pages i made them...

Cat's Page

Terry's page

I tried to make them their style. Cat loves cherries and terry loves green.

I have to take the kids to the dr today at 3:15 blah!! I hate going there! They all have terrible colds. I think i will try to fit some scrapin in before i go. Oh the weather outside is gloomy and lots of rain. Kinda puts me in a yucky mood.

Hope your day is sunnier then mine!

As i finished that last sentence the sun came out! Yipee!

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Awesome LO's!!!
nicole irvin