Sunday, June 13, 2010

Everything seems to look as it should

First let me tell you the new Mojo is up! Come and play along.

This month is soooo busy. I have so many things planned in between work of course. Last weekend we went up and visited Columbia. My mama is a Docent up there and they were having a event they call The Diggins. The park sets up a tent town and they have the docents act out how it was in the 1800's. It is really neat. My mom worked at the laundry and the bakery.

I have been to Columbia many many times but never been to this event. We had a wonderful time indeed. You had to buy "eagles" if you wanted to get anything there.

Those 3 went to all the lemonade you could drink and a cute tin cup you got to keep. There was lots to do and see. We had a wonderful time.

This boy was soo freakin cute in his get up I had to take a pic. He totally paid me no mind as I snapped away.

My cute mom showing my son Aeden how they washed clothes in the old days.

I'll take all one of these in my back yard pls! :)

Ok so that is all I will share from our trip. On to a house pic. I re-did my frame wall. Tell me what ya think.

I went croppin with Erika and my cousin. Had a great time. I am really looking forward to a crop in Berkley on the 25th! My girls Kerry, Nikki, Ginger, Diane, and maybe Cheri, Erika, and cousin will be there too! It will be a hoot.

This weekend is my husband and my 3 year wedding anniversary. Oh and fathers day too lol! I have two days off work so that should prove to be very lovely. Cant wait for that. Then the weekend after is NWF camp out in your back yard day! Mark your calendars for June 26th if you want to participate.

I'm planning our second annual Tea party, & second annual Boys vs Girls water balloon fight! Not to mention Lost Boys on the beach in Santa Cruz, one of my fav movies at my fav beach! Can't wait for that!

What are your plans for the summer?



bethchien said...

love your frame wall!
and that layout is gorgeous!
hope you had a great weekend!

danielle said...

I love Lost Boys, too!!

Great experience with the Diggins. Where's Columbia? And how cute is your mom?

My summer plans; sleep in, shop at Trader Joes(god I miss TJ's), visit friends all over the US, camp in a camper on the beach for 10 days, photobooths, thrift stores, enjoy each day!

Diane B. said...

hey girl - love the wall...especially the turqoise frame. love that pop of color. i'm looking forward to girls night out at SB as well! it's gonna need to be a tradition once a month or so!

Natalie Elphinstone said...

love love LOVE this layout. In fact, that's how I found you. I followed you over here from Mojo! Love all the pretty little vintage details. And how cute is that picture to begin with?!

Marit said...

HI there Marie! My plans for the summer are to work LESS and visit blogs MORE *teehee* I see you're still going strong! Go girl, and have a wonderful summer!!