Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Or when the crazies say he hates us

My lovely friend Kerry Lynn shared a video. It inspired me so much. The woman said to get your hands moving and create at least 15 mins a day. Now she was talking about drawing but I made it fit my creativity and figured it meant the same thing. I love creating. It helps me de-stress from work.

I have ended up making a few things.

I made this one last night and I think it took me all of 20 mins. This is my hubby taking a picture of me taking a pic of him. Ha! We love taking pics with our phones.

This one was for the Lily Bee design challenge. My mommy in Columbia teaching the kids the olden ways. We had so much fun.

One more thing. I have a tutorial on the AMM blog. If you want to make a peep inspired paper garland then go check it out. :)

So my advice to you all is create at least 15 mins a day. Set that aside. I mean 15 minutes?!? Don't get frustrated if you don't finish. Set a timer for that small 15 mins, if you must, and go back to it tmw when it goes off. Try it for a week. Practice makes perfect. Don't forget creativity soothes the soul. :)



Anonymous said...

great layout.

Micayla said...

Oh my gosh, that layout rocks. My supplies need to come out today now. Kerry Lynn is a superstar and I love her stuff and what a great idea just to allow 15 mins a day....may have to try that one.
Enjoy the weekend.