Saturday, June 11, 2011

Dont get so close to change my mind

Lots and lots to share. I am going to have to start posting every few days just to catch up! Let me start out by saying there is a new prompt up at Simply artistic. Here is the card I made for it.
As you can tell we are putting birds on our ATC's. I love birds. Make sure to come play along with us. If you do leave me a link on my blog and I will come leave you some love!

Also a new prompt up for The Creative Type.
Used the new Girls Paperie line for this one. I love buying things at the thrift store including clothes. Being a out of work mother of 4 it has become a regular thing...But I love it! So what is your style?

Went to Columbia state park this weekend with my mom, sister and daughter. We had a wonderful time even tho it rained all day Saturday. I know I may be a big nerd for loving to play dress up, but I totally do. I don't care. I accept it with no problem. Haha!

They had an totally wicked awesome cape I got to wear. It was wonderful! I wanted to take it home and wear it always. I know, nerd.

My fav part of course was the beautiful memories I created with my family. My daughter and I laughed so very hard Saturday night. My sides and cheeks hurt from the sillyness that in sued.

I have to give all the credit to my mom because without her it wouldn't have happened. I love her to bits and she is a pretty cool lady too.

I did however miss my husband to no end. My phone didn't work great so I wasn't able to text him all that much and I couldn't get online at all. It was crazy. Most of the time I really felt like I was in 1852! Ha! When I was able to get texts here and there he always made me feel so very special and loved and missed.

I came home to a clean and organized house. It was totally freakin awesome! He also went down to the flea market and bought me my most very fav snack.

♥Lemon salt pistachios.♥

To top it all off I got out of the shower to find these on my pillow.(the pretty flowers in my vase)

Yeah pretty wicked great right?

I had such a great weekend. I am truly blessed. Now off to catch up on deadlines and 21st century things.


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