Sunday, June 19, 2011

love of mine

Father's day. Busy. Much to do. Appreciation. Love. Family. So many things on this day. I didn't spend it with my dad. Instead I spent it with one of THE BEST father's I have ever known. I myself think it's hard to be a dad. Woman carry the child with them for 9 months. It grows inside your tummy all the while you have bounded with this child. Men on the other hand only get to imagine how it feels to have this joyous life growin inside of you. This life depends only on you. Father's don't get to experience that until the child is here.

I appreciate when a man can see the life growing inside you as something beautiful. Something that you made together. Special. There will never be another like it. Unique. My husband is that man. He deserves all I can do. 18 years he has been with me and 16 of them with a child. He has managed to stay sane with a teenage daughter and all the while loved me unconditionally. Special.

I wanted to make him something special. Something I knew he would love. I took his two favorite flavors and made a cupcake just for him. I call it Ron's special cupcake.
It is a white cake with pistachio cream and white chocolate frosting. Rich. Sweet. Delish.
Of course living with a crafty wife I had to do it up right. I made a happy fathers day banner to put atop the cakes.

Made a fathers day card with some GCD The great outdoors collection. I love me some mustaches so any chance I can use them I am going to do so.

Of course it wouldn't be complete without a fathers day/mustache banner! I threw in some burlap stashes along with the gcd. Love. I may have to keep the banner up for a little while longer. *wink*

It wasn't all about the sweets and crafts at my house. Oh noooo. My husband requested juicy lucys with chili cheese fries. I have never made juicy lucys so of course I looked it up on the Internet. BTW I think I have mentioned before but I HATE touching raw meat. HATE! Anything tho for my sweet man.

{hubs photo with his cell. Was to busy to take a really good one *wink*}

I must admit it was worth the work. They tasted pretty good and my hubby and kids LOVED them. Kids all made handmade cards for him and we bought him a BBQ set that he totally thinks is wicked cool.

How was your fathers day? Make anything special? I would love to see!

P.S. I will post the cupcake recipe soon. Just have to tweak a few things and get it all in order. Leave me a comment if you would like the recipe!


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Gina Lideros said...

oooh, love the mustache cards. You always make the most delicious looking cupcakes :)