Monday, July 18, 2011

Blow bubbles with their gum

How cool is this?!?!


In other news...What a week! I went to take my 2 written tests for my RDA. Now you all know I went to school to be a Dental Assistant. I finished (top of my class I might add) and am indeed a Dental assistant. Now in order to make more money and of course do more I have to be state certified. That means on top of my schooling I have to pay for 3 tests. 2 are written and 1 is hands on. Today I took my 2 written which cost me about 100.00 (gas included). There is no study guide really and if I do not pass I have to pay to retake it... As I said I took my tests and I PASSED! Yay! I am relieved and happy and I just wanted to cry! Seriously. I had to hold back my tears.

The tests were difficult. I honestly thought I wasn't going to pass them. Everything I learned flew out my head. I re-read every questions at least twice and went back to ones I wasn't sure about. I kept asking myself to think logically...Oh and I prayed a lot! I have to really praise god and Jesus because I feel without prayers I wouldn't have passed.

Now one test. ONE test is keeping me from a state license. That ONE test is going to come at me August 6th or 7th. That ONE costs me 250. That ONE, if I don't pass, will cost me 250 again to take. ONE. *sigh*

More prayers needed. I will be practicing this one everyday till the day I take it. Thank goodness my school allows that. I get to use their supplies to fashion the crown as many times as I want till I take the test. YAY! I need that.

Cool part of this journey is I got to meet up with a few crafty buddies. We had a super fun time and now I have 2 new life long friends. Totally talented ladies Gina and Ashley.

Locked myself in the crafty cottage and got my guest dt spot done. Here is a peek of what I have been up to.


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