Sunday, July 24, 2011

Stoplights Are Swaying And The Phone Lines Are Down

Hi there! I would love to share with you my gcd creations. I am always so inspired by the internet. Honestly don't know what I would do without it. This photo of all these lovely dresses inspired me sooo much. The colors are simply to die for.

I wish my closet looked like this! Oh the ruffles, the sparkle and lace! *swoon*

One of my guilty pleasures on the internet is Pinterest. The abundance of inspiration on that board...Well if you are on there I don't have to tell you and if you're not, you need to be! My technique came from pinterest and I knew I had to try it out. Lets get started shall we?

new pencils with new erasers
inks or paints (colors of your choice)
*circle templates (more about this in the post)
patterned paper
*embroidery thread
*embroidery needle

1. Gather your supplies. I like to have everything on hand. I chose to have my polka dots in groups of bubbles. If you would like to do the same you need different size circle templates. I used things I had laying around the house.

2. I used white cardstock for my background (one of my inspiration colors). A light color will show your polka dots the best. I then traced my templates.(Make sure to trace lightly so you can erase after.) I wanted various sizes and staggered them.

3. Now it is time to have your fun. I only used one pencil to make all my dots. If you do this make sure to have a scrap paper that you can clean your eraser before heading to your next ink color. Go to town! There is no rhyme or reason to this. I even over lapped some of my dots. You want a very random look to it.

4.For my center circle I wanted to break up all the polka dots so I chose to fill it with patterned paper. I used the same template to trace my circle, cut it and glued.

5. To me the bubbles weren't emphasized enough so I decided to add a little dimension and texture by stitching around all the bubbles. The lines your drew really come in handy now. Just poke holes following your lines and you will have your sewing template. ( If you want the same look I have here is a tip. Make sure you come up through your second hole and go down through your first. Working backwards.)

6.Now all that is left to do is add your personal touches. Pictures, embellishments, title and journaling. Hope you had fun with this technique.

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Ashley Newell said...

This is super duper cute, Marie! I love this technique! I'm going to have to try it!