Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Hello mother, hello father

June 25th was national camp out in your backyard day. Did you? This is our 2nd year participating. Last year the kids had such a good time I HAD to do it again. This year was even better then last. Could've been because we had the pool or maybe just the excitement that the kids had this year made it better.

We set up the tent, pumped our mattress, and got all the blankets and pillows from the house.

I got all the food ready for our backyard fire pit. Hot dogs and chips of course!

Roasting hot dogs is ONE of their fav parts.

Then we got ready for the tastiest part...

Yummy ooooey goooey s'mores!

We had HUGE marshmallows as you can see.

I made my first s'mores. It was pretty good but not as tasty as everyone makes them out to be. One was way more then enough for me.

The kids of course had to have a few.

Towards the time to pack it in we all shared ghost stories around the campfire.

I don't think there was one thing they didn't like about this day. They wanted to keep the tent up all summer if they could. Wonderful memorable time. Hope you join us next year!


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