Thursday, September 29, 2011

My hearts a stero, it beats for you

Blog blog blog. So much to blog about but just not into it. You ever get that way? Losing my steam I guess. I wonder if the readers are losing their steam as well? Maybe it will pick back up after the holidays? I know this time of year is stressful for a lot of people. Me especially. I have a full October. A birthday, my graduation, a crop, my sisters baby shower, another crop/sleepover, AND cant forget Halloween! I mean sheesh. BUSY! November and December are no better. I also have deadlines to finish. YIKES. LOL! The whole point of that was, if I am THAT busy then surely you all must be too! *wink*

I am participating in a halloween blog hop.Yay! I really want to make some cute stuff this year. Now to find the time. Haha! Oh don't worry I will squeeze it in somewhere. Have to get my Halloween mantel decorated. That is my favorite part.

I did happen to create something halloween for Scrapjacked. Here is a tiny peek at that.

I got to have a girls weekend-ish with Ashley & Kristi. We had a blast! Laughed, scrapped, ate...Ashley made us dinner from pinterest. OMG the food was delish. I will be making the same thing soon and share the recipes of course. I did a little bit of scrapping. Finished my creative type layout just in time. Love it.

I also planed our dinners for a month! I am sooo proud of myself. I have to thank pinterest for that one. I mean I always spend at least a hour on there and think why am I doing this, what a waste. But seriously its not. It has given me so much inspiration and recipes that I cant stand it! LOL! Seriously, I love that site. I will post the weeks menu in October with recipes (I hope). I have good intentions.

Don't forget to come back soon for the new Scrapjacked and the new Creative Type.



Michelle Hernandez said...

LOVE that detail shot! I was wondering what was up too- maybe the eReaders everyone uses now and the obsession with Pinterest is bleeding readers away? I do know this- I hate the new blogger reader interface- it's SO not user friendly and having to click on "view more" is annoying- before you would have several days of posts to scroll down through. And I've noticed comments are down is lots of blogs- things are changing AGAIN.

Ashley Newell said...

Pretty! Can't wait to see the completed projects!

cococricketsmama said...

looks so fanatastic! I love Halloween!