Wednesday, October 5, 2011

I only love you when I'm down

I have been creating pages left and right these past few days. I think it is the Random collection by Crate Paper that has inspired me so. It took a day or two but I got out of the funk I was in and got busy.
The colors are so springy it kinda takes me out of the whole Halloween mode. I need to get some really good Halloween papers to inspire me! Although I did find that cute printable on Pinterest. The AC Halloween line is super cute too. Used that on my scrapjacked project.

I am so inspired by quilts and this is a quilt pattern I found on the Internet. Very simple and fun. The picture if of my husband and my feet on the beach watching lost boys in Santa Cruz. I NEVER get tired of scrapping these pictures. Never.

Rowans Bday part was Sunday. He had a lovely time. We bought him a MP3 player, sketch book and pens, and gave him a little spending money. Here is the happy bday boy opening pressies.

I made juicy Lucy's, chili cheese fries and a ice cream cake. the ice cream cake was a disaster. I really should've made it the night b4. Oh well. Still tasted good lol!

We also had our first Friday fright night last Friday. Kids love when we do that. We had grilled cheese and bacon sandwiches with soup, snacked on marshmallows and watched Children of the Corn and The others.

My hubby had a glow stick and he TRIED to scare the kids. We creeped outside and was staring in the window but my youngest son saw him right away and wasn't scared. Booo! LOL! We ended up breakin the glow stick open and painting our faces with it. They thought that was great.

As I stated I did a whole months worth of menu planning. Monday nights dinner was...

Roasted Garlic Mushrooms(sooooooo Delicious!)Pesto chicken,and white cheddar pasta shells.(From the box)

Loved it!



Art From The heart said...

Great creations,art wise and food!

Ashley Newell said...

What a cool technique! I love the picture! And look at your birthday boy, what a cutie pie! You dinner looks yummy!!

dani said...

Oh my goodness, that page is fantastic! Love love love the design!