Friday, May 4, 2012

I wont run I wont climb, Without you

This weekend (actually Sunday) was very eventful. I seemed to get a bit done in a short amount of time. The kids and I made bow and arrows.
Well we actually just made bows and left the arrows to our imaginations.

We even made one for a fairy.
Went to the flea market.
Ate lunch and dessert for less then 4.00.
Found some uber cool stuff.

Then my dad came over and helped work on my car. That was the end of my day. Haha! It took forever! Then when he thought we were done...My alternator went out. Luckily it went out at home and they fixed it for me! Totally awesome! Feel super blessed.

Now on to the scrappyness. Made this page for the new Jack.
Scrapjacked that is. Of course I used the April Studio Calico Kit for this.

Super fun!!! Come play!

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