Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Your teacher teaches class like you're some kind of jerk

I have issues. Issues with working. As you may know I am a Registered Dental Assistant. So not what I wanted to be when I grew up. I have been crafty my whole life. I mean seriously. I can thank my mom for that. I guess it only natural that the only thing I want to do is make stuff. I love creating. I day dream everyday of owning my own business. I have the place picked out. I know I have blogged about this before but it really weighs on my mind. I NEED to make it happen. I will. Maybe. HAHA! Anyway on to more stuff I made with my hands.

More studio calico kit making. April. I swear I used almost every bit of that kit! I LOVED IT!

Another page I had made with hambly. Sniff sniff. I am so gonna miss that company. I am glad tho that the designer Allison is moving on to other things. She is very talented.

Lastly I am gonna get a little more real with you all. Something that really bugged me when it happened. It goes like this...

How could I have forgotten? I can't believe I did, oh but I did. I forgot to blog about the current passing of MCA. Sometimes life has a way of moving so quick u forget things. Even things that have meaning. His death had meaning to me. I know exactly where I was when I heard you gotta fight. I was maybe 7. I grew up with their music. Even all those years later (5) I bought their TAPE license to Ill. It still was awesome. Still had mad beats. Still rocked my socks off. How could 3 white boys rap so good? They just did. They continued to spit mad lyrics. Through out my whole life and never expected it to end this soon. When I heard of MCA passing my heart immediately ached. My eyes filled with tears and I felt as if someone close to me was gone. Strange. I can't explain why I feel so sad but I do. I am sad for his wife. His daughter. His friends and family. Missed by me deeply.



btsoi. said...

I dream about owning my own business, too but I don't have the courage or drive to make it happen (yet, hopefully). I hope you find what you need to make it happen for you! Love your layout :)

Brandy Layton said...

Lovely LO's. I too was so moved and felt a loss with his passing. I was in shock...who am I kidding I still am..I feel so sad for his family.