Friday, May 18, 2012

This life is more than ordinary

The new creative type is up. Need a little inspiration? Then go check it out!

This is my take. I used some old school sass. I love sass and figured I better start using it up before it gets to old and I give it away. What is the point in spending so much money on these products never to use them?!?! I am trying to use it all up. I have a lot so it will take me awhile. Ok on to real life. *wink*

Ah mothers day. The one day out of the year just for us. My mom wasnt able to make it so it was just my little family. We had a rather nice time. I got lots of homemade cards and gifts. Kids swam and I organized my crafty cottage.
The husband made a wicked awesome bbq. I mean tasty. Just look at these pics!
They really dont do it justice. So good.
My son Aeden felt left out because I wouldnt let him have a kabob unless he ate everything on it. Of course all he wanted was the chicken...So he made his own. Silly boy.
And lastly we had apple pie and ice cream. YUMMY!
How was your Mother's Day?

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